Tip Jar…..or Buy Me a Chocolate Bar

 Posted by at 7:24 pm

Dear Readers,

It is after much toying with the idea, back and forth, yes then no….then yes again, that I have decided to add a tip jar to my site. Why? Blogging takes time. Lots of it.

…..to choose topics I know you’ll want to read about.
…..to research, compose, and design the post.
…..to carefully sift through thousands of photos finding the perfect ones for each topic.
…..to format each post to create eye-candy for you.

I’ve held out for a while not wanting my blog to look like money is the point of the blog. It isn’t. I like sharing my expertise to help you find solutions to your kidspace challenges. But I have to be honest, it’s chocolate that keeps me going when a post isn’t coming together like I want…..and chocolate isn’t free.

So…if you like what you read but can’t spare the change, thanks for reading!

If you like what you read and want to give, thanks for the tip!

Either way, your support is greatly appreciated.

Just click the wrapper to leave a tip.