Jan 132014
It's the Little Things {Catching Raindrops}

Another really cute idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. This is a really cute little girl’s room. Probably toddler age just transitioned from baby crib to big-girl-bed. The mix of neutrals—gray, white, beige—and soft pink with a more vibrant hue on the floor says a cute little girl likes to play here. The […]

Jan 062014
Kids' Room Storage Solutions Series {2}

Do you have kids? Then you have it. Kidstuff sprawl. Talked about this in the 1st series dedicated to kids’ room storage solutions. Thought it might be time to tackle the problem again. You see, kidstuff sprawl doesn’t really go away until they move out, get married, and start their own family. Then they get […]

Dec 312013
Reviewing Our 2013 Favorites

It has been a fun year for me writing about kidspaces. There have been a few standouts in the crowd…..those that seemed to become favorites quicker than others. I was going to list top shares by month, but that wouldn’t be fair to December! So, instead, I have opted for the top 6 and a […]

Dec 102013
Kids' Room Christmas Trees.....on the Wall

  It’s tradition. Christmas trees stand on the floor. Some may even sit on the table or the dresser of the desk in kids’ rooms. But when space is limited and the kids want a really big tree in their room, what’s the solution? Take it to the wall. Your only limitation will be height […]

Nov 212013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials {Stripes}

So far, I have covered florals, geometrics, and checks in the Kids’ Room Pattern Essentials series. This post covers the 4th of the 5 basic pattern shapes—stripes. Less complicated to use than other shapes, stripes are simply just horizontal or vertical lines…..but it is how they are used, subtle or apparent, that creates impact in […]

Nov 132013
The Argyle How-to for Kids' Rooms

Can you name a pattern that gives you a totally different look and feel simply by changing the color combination? Shape stays the same, only the color changes. If you looked at the post title, you already have the answer……the argyle. Composed of diamonds in various colors with an overlay of diagonal lines, the argyle […]

Oct 232013
Trendy Uses for the Chevron in Kids' Rooms

A line with abrupt alternate left and right turns. It’s one of the first patterns kids learn to draw. Called a zigzag…..but space it evenly, make the shape a continuously connected ‘V’ and you have the chevron, a popular, trendy pattern popping up in kids’ rooms. It can be one color alternating with bands of […]

Sep 252013
Tween Room Polka Dots....Small, Medium, and Large

Is your just-turned-tween daughter objecting to her room design? It’s probably not the color. It’s probably the childish theme they have outgrown. When it’s time for a change, pattern can play an important role…….and polka dots are perfect for a tween room. Why? They’re classic. Evenly spaced dots have been around for ages. They’re informal. […]

Sep 242013
Cars + Winding Road = Happy Boys

Ever notice how little boys have the innate ability to make engine noises while pushing toy cars along a winding road? Ever notice how happy boys are when making those noises? Miniature cars are one of the best kid toys ever invented. They bring out the imagination in boys like no other and can be […]

Sep 092013
It's the little Things {Nursery Cityscape and Bear Head}

Here’s another from my “It’s the Little Things” segment. When I first found this baby nursery photo, I was drawn to the cartoon version cityscape in soft blues and taupe. But as much as I really love the artwork on the wall, it’s the bear head that makes me smile. Barbie dolls were my favorite […]