Jan 022014
Kids' Rooms: 2014 Color Trends to Watch

The New Year brings with it many changes, color trends being one of the changes designers watch each year. Celebrate by giving the kids’ rooms a new coat of paint, updating an old furniture piece with a new finish, or reupholstering that worn out chair in the corner in one of the 2014 colors. Sherwin-Williams […]

May 012013
Nailheads are Hot on Teen Room Furniture

Nailheads on furniture is nothing new. Actually it is quite an old style technique from the 1500’s. So when your teen wants to attach decorative brass nails to their furniture because “nailheads are hot!”, just smile and watch history repeat itself. It was during the Renaissance period that brass nails were used to attach fabric […]

Nov 272012
Smocked Pillows Return to Girls' Rooms Trendy

Velvet pillows. Round ones with uniquely folded and stitched sides and a gathered face secured by fabric-covered buttons centered on both sides of the pillow. What childhood memories these velvet masterpieces trigger for me……and the smocked pillows are making a trendy return to girls’ rooms! This specific type of smocking, called “lattice” smocking, gathers fabric […]

Nov 212012
Artsy Painted Headboards.....On the Wall

No headboard? No problem. When all you have is a mattress and frame, create your own artsy painted headboard…..on the wall like this giant poppy and blades of grass. Sure to give your kids something to stir their imaginations. Painting a headboard on the wall is a quick way to add a focal point or […]

Aug 142012
Suspended Baby Cradles Popularity

 Rock-a-bye baby…. Add a steady, continuous rocking motion to a soft, swaying movement and what do you have? The ever popular suspended baby cradle. We already know from studies that the rocking motion releases endorphins aiding in fetal nervous system development but with a suspended cradle, baby gets the rocking motion of a cradle plus […]

Jul 172012
Using Vintage Furniture in Playhouses Smart Idea....and Trendy

The vintage design trend has moved…..from your house to the kids’ playhouse and that is a really smart idea, especially when furnishing a kids’ outdoor space. Kids are already rough on furniture, but dirt, wind, rain, and sun (plus all the little crawly critters) add another dimension of abuse. Vintage, second-hand, and recycled items are […]

Jun 222012
News: Kids' Room Redo vs. Summer Vacation {and POLL}

In July 2011 I found a news article about parents choosing to redecorate their kids’ rooms instead of spending money on pricey summer vacations.  Although the news article was a press release from a window treatment company, it had me wondering. With the world economy still in turmoil, what about this year?  Is last year’s […]

Jan 102012
Kids' Rooms: 2012 Color Trends to Watch

Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2012   Each fall as the color forecast groups release the coming year’s hottest color palettes. I enjoy watching as new colors begin to saturate the market. Most noticeable are fabrics and finishes, paint being immediately available as textiles catch up later. The 2012 Color Forecast by Sherwin-Williams was released a few months […]