Dec 292014
Reviewing Our 2014 Favorites

As another year of writing about kidspaces comes to a close, I thought you might enjoy a recap of the favorite posts of the year. Looking at the titles, I am seeing a couple of themes here…, storage, and more storage seems to be the top topic of interest. Ideas for boys’ rooms are a […]

May 062014
Toddler Room Idea Series

Neither here nor there. That’s what toddlers are… longer babies but not kids yet. Your precious baby has turned into a small person who is mobile but not aware of dangers, always on the move… fast as possible, and hardwired to explore It’s the combination of the mobility, speed, and curiosity that challenges parents. Thankfully […]

Apr 222014
It's the Little Things {Teen Shoe Boxes}

Another really great idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. Does your teen girl have a closet or bedroom corner for flinging shoes (a.k.a. “storage”). Have a problem solver that made the little things list……shoeboxes. Now these aren’t your everyday boring brought-from-the-store-shoeboxes-when-she-bought-the-shoes. These are worthy of teen room accessory display. These stacking storage boxes […]

Apr 042014
Teen Girl's Room Accessory Storage Ideas

As I mentioned in the series intro, teen girls have more gear than infants….even with all the ruffled socks, tiny shoes, and stretchy headbands babies have, teen girls still have more stuff. With hats, scarves, jewelry, and bags (and we’re not talking just outerwear), girls’ heads, necks, and arms are accessory magnets. Adequate accessory storage […]

Apr 012014
Unique Teen Girl's Room Nightstands

The Nightstand. The place where important items are retrieved first thing in the morning or deposited last thing at night. Standard nightstands have drawers below the tabletop. Nice…..and practical. But nicer…..and unique is thinking outside the box, especially in a teen girl’s room. Bedside tables generally have two main components—a flat top surface and storage […]

Mar 212014
Recycling Vintage File Drawers for Teen Room Accessories

It is amazing to me how quickly objects we use everyday become obsolete. Do you remember library card catalogs? I’m not talking library catalog accessed on the computer. I mean real paper cards inside multiple little file drawers. Library card catalog drawers have now become part of history and probably something you and your kids […]

Mar 192014
Recycling Vintage File Cabinets in Kids' Rooms

Once upon a time paper was used for everything. Notes. Letters. Invoices. Receipts. There was so much paper that is started spilling out everywhere. Then someone invented file cabinets. Each cabinet contained multiple drawers for organizing a multiplicity of paper in all sizes, for all purposes. Then computers came along. File cabinets became obsolete. Thrift […]

Mar 172014
Using Vintage Lockers in Boys' Rooms

Warmth. My first thought when I spotted this set of vintage lockers. Something about vintage wood that adds a touch of warmth to any room. Perfect for boys’ rooms. That was my second thought. I have always loved using lockers for storage of sports equipment but cold, metal lockers were too noisy to be used […]

Feb 102014
Shabby Chic Girls' Room Heart Shaped Cutouts

  Here’s a little somethin’ to set her heart a thumpin’ …..girls’ rooms in shabby chic style with heart shaped cutouts.   Shabby chic. It’s the essence of elegance in a casual setting…..with just a touch of romance. Hearts cut through doors, drawers, headboards, foot boards, and chests are the perfect addition to the soft […]

Feb 072014
Baby Nursery Decor Series: Elegant Storage Cabinets

Armoire: a wardrobe or movable cabinet, typically one that is ornate or antique. Or, in other words—an elegant storage cabinet. If your baby nursery décor is lacking direction and you need a little design style, think “elegance”…..and it’s easily achieved by adding the right storage cabinet. But when you think “elegance”, don’t confuse it with […]