Feb 122014
Small Space Nursery Ideas

Preparing for baby’s arrival is an exciting time for families and often includes trying to fit baby’s little universe into the smallest room in the house. To make everything fit without creating clutter requires small space nursery ideas or guidelines. Guidelines for maximizing small spaces is basically the same for any room in the house, […]

Jan 092014
Reclaiming Wasted Space.....Super Kids' Room Storage Solution

Not all buildings are well designed. Some have the strangest architectural “oddities” that when combined with furniture, create wasted space. If your home is one of those, take heart. There are super storage solutions for reclaiming wasted space in kids’ rooms. Take a few minutes and do a quick room inventory of each kidspace. Look […]

Dec 042013
Kids' Rooms: Under the Rafters

Can you think of three ways to describe a kid’s room under the rafters? Awkwardly shaped walls, hard to reach corners, and lower than normal ceilings. Right answer……if you’re an adult. Here’s a kid’s take on rooms under the rafters—ultra cool hideaway, dream room, and perfect play place. Kids love awkward shapes and the more […]

Oct 162013
Kids' Small Room Design Ideas

A few months ago I posted Making Small Rooms Feel Big covering design basics used in, well, making a small room feel bigger than reality. Some of the tips were space savers; some just created the illusion of larger space. This post will take it one step further with terrific and trendy ideas for kids’ […]

Apr 302013
Kids' Room Double-Duty Storage

Stylish Storage Solutions. That ‘s what parents say they want when we talk kids’ room design. What they really want is stylish storage that serves two purposes—meaning kids’ room double duty storage. Double-duty storage is great for small spaces because it serves two purposes. The real trick is making sure both can be used simultaneously […]

Feb 192013
Making Small Rooms Feel Big

Kids’ rooms are usually quite small, full of stuff, and often house more than one sibling. Need a bigger space but no room to expand? When you can’t enlarge a room, there are several subtle but helpful design tricks to help you make small rooms feel big. Pattern and Texture Pattern can help visually alter […]

Feb 052013
The "No Closet" Kids' Room Closet

No Closet in the kids’ room? No problem. All you need is the “no closet” closet. What is a closet anyway? It’s a small room within a room that is full of stuff. What we like best about a closet is the door….because it hides our unorganized stuff. Your grandparents didn’t have closets. Prior to […]

Feb 042013
Series: Maximizing Kids' Room Closets

Kids’ rooms are often the smallest in the house. Add to that the staggering amount of stuff they accumulate plus closets designed for adult use and out-of-control clutter becomes an issue. How can you maximize space in the smallest room when there’s no closet, the closet is an unorganized hole in the wall, or you […]

Dec 242012
Convertible Sleeping Options When Kids are Holiday Guests {Part-2}

Convertible sleeping options are actually quite simple when kids are holiday guests. Why? Pint sized bodies easily fit in nooks, crannies, and seldom-used corners which we covered in Part-1 about ways to convert built-in spaces. Now in Part-2, we cover another easy way to provide places to sleep without using built-ins…….dual-purpose furniture. Furniture with more […]

Dec 062012
Small Space Bunk Rooms

Bunk rooms for pint-sized guests need not be a large room or separate bunk house. Converted porches and attic rooms can create the coziest of small space bunk rooms. For kid-sized bodies, these small spaces are the perfect solution to your need for multiple beds during holiday or vacation visits but only if they meet […]