Jan 022014
Kids' Rooms: 2014 Color Trends to Watch

The New Year brings with it many changes, color trends being one of the changes designers watch each year. Celebrate by giving the kids’ rooms a new coat of paint, updating an old furniture piece with a new finish, or reupholstering that worn out chair in the corner in one of the 2014 colors. Sherwin-Williams […]

Oct 232013
Trendy Uses for the Chevron in Kids' Rooms

A line with abrupt alternate left and right turns. It’s one of the first patterns kids learn to draw. Called a zigzag…..but space it evenly, make the shape a continuously connected ‘V’ and you have the chevron, a popular, trendy pattern popping up in kids’ rooms. It can be one color alternating with bands of […]

Oct 142013
It's the Little Things {Artfully Painted Door}

Another cute idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. This artfully painted door was another little thing that caught my eye and made me smile. The design just exudes happiness, cheerfulness, and sunny disposition. Can’t you just see a cute little one named “Tibo” bouncing around the room, all smiles and full of excitement? […]

May 242013
How to Use Tints, Tones, and Shades in Kids' Room Color Schemes

Unless you have spent time mixing colors, the differences between tints, tones, and shades may seem a little unclear. But using them in kids’ rooms doesn’t have to be a mystery. Tints, tones, and shades indicate lightness or darkness of color, which is sometimes referred to as color “value”. It adds variety to a color […]

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Jan 232013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Navy Blue}

Navy is the darkest shade of blue and is popular in kids’ room color schemes, especially boys’ rooms. Do you know when navy blue was first used as a color name? 1840. It was first called “marine blue” (from naval officers’ uniform color), but later changed to navy blue. When combined with other colors, navy […]

Jan 162013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Sunny Yellow}

The rainbow or color spectrum is created as light refracts through a prism, with each color blending into the next. Color science as a field of study is fascinating…..but in kids’ rooms, a basic understanding of color schemes and how they work is all you need when your daughter says she wants a sunny yellow […]

Nov 212012
Artsy Painted Headboards.....On the Wall

No headboard? No problem. When all you have is a mattress and frame, create your own artsy painted headboard…..on the wall like this giant poppy and blades of grass. Sure to give your kids something to stir their imaginations. Painting a headboard on the wall is a quick way to add a focal point or […]

Nov 142012
Artistically Painted Tween Headboards

Historically, the main purpose of a headboard was to keep drafts from flowing over the sleeper’s head, sending cold air to the floor instead. Not the main purpose today. Thanks to better insulated rooms, headboards are aesthetic additions to a room…..but who says they have to be boring! Artistically painted tween headboards are a superb […]

Oct 302012
Baby Nursery Wall Mural Created Using Vintage Paint-by-Number

Boy….does this take me back! (The vintage paint-by-number used for the wall mural, not the baby nursery.) I remember painting a few of these kits trying to be an artist the easy way. Seeing the technique used larger than life on a wall is an awesome way to share nostalgia of the 1960’s. If you […]

Oct 182012
Painted Perfection on Kids' Room Ceilings

Taking a ceiling from dull to dramatic can be accomplished so many different ways. Using color and murals on kids’ room ceilings has already been covered and both methods use paint…..but painted perfection on kids’ room ceilings ramps up the excitement a bit more! I can hear you asking, “Just what does “painted perfection mean?” […]