Sep 232013
Using Maps in Unusual Places

    For decades, the only place to find a map was an atlas, a classroom wall, or in a “glove box” in a car. Not anymore! Maps are showing up in the most unusual places that are perfect for kids’ room décor. In the blog Series: Using Maps in Kids’ Rooms, I covered the […]

Jul 082013
Kids' Nautical Room Accessories.....Sailboats {Part-2}

Living near the beach for nine years increased my life long love of the water. It also endeared nautical and beach related design, especially kids’ room nautical and beach accessories. Research for my recent post on the simplicity of using sailboats left me with too many wonderful ideas to put in one post….so here is […]

Jun 252013
Kids' Nautical Room Accessories......the Simplicity of Using Sailboats

Nautical themes are natural in seaside homes but what about landlocked water lovers? There’s no reason your kids can’t enjoy the sea even while living in the city. All it takes are nautical room accessories…..and this post is about the simplicity of using sailboats that cater to seafaring fantasies. From walls to windows to tops […]

Nov 192012
Woodwork on Kids' Room Ceilings

Long before plaster and gypsum, there was wood….so woodwork on kids’ room ceilings is really nothing new. Because it was used more often a few generations back, many have not experienced the warmth, unique style, and comfortable look wood adds to a room. Improving space overhead with wood can take a kid’s room design to […]

Aug 012012
Totally Awesome Boat Beds

When decorating your kid’s room, focused conversation-inducing questions about their interests may help shape the room’s design direction. If they love boats, seashore, and everything nautical, a totally awesome boat bed may be the perfect place to start the design. There are so many different boat shaped beds on the market ranging from rustic to […]

Jul 112012
Unique Nautical Bunk Rooms

Bunk rooms are the perfect guest accommodation solution for kids’ sleepovers or vacation and holiday visitors. Multi-bed rooms can easily house a group of best friends, an entire family, or a room full of cousins. If you live near the coast, it’s an ideal place to create a unique nautical bunk room. It’s easy to […]