Mar 272014
10 Great Family Tree Ideas for Kids' Room Art

Using family trees for kids’ room art is a great idea. Why? Kids love to see their name and when it’s written on a piece of art, it seems even more important…, it’s a great way to teach kids about their family heritage. Haven’t a clue about your ancestors? No problem. Design your tree to […]

Mar 062014
Teach Kids Family History Using Your Parents' School Desk

The last topic in our teaching kids family history series is a little unusual….using your parents’ school desk. Do you even know what kind of desk your parents’ used in school? Bet your kids don’t know what your desk looked like! School desk design has evolved over the last few centuries. Before the days of […]

Mar 052014
Teach Kids Family History Using Heirloom Hats

“Use a hat to teach kids about family history? You’re kidding me, right?” I am sure that’s what you said when you read the title….and yes, that’s right. You can teach kids family history using heirloom hats. Hats tell a story of an era, a hobby, an occupation, a political affiliation, or a personality. Hats […]

Mar 042014
Teach Kids Family History Using Treasured Heirloom Toys

Half the fun of using treasured heirloom toys as accessories is searching for, finding them, then rediscovering their emotional connection. The 2nd half of the fun? Teaching kids family history while sharing stories connecting special meaning to treasured toys and heirloom items. Timeworn accessories alone create a sense of history but it’s the stories behind […]

Mar 032014
Teach Kids Family History Using Heirloom Accessories {2}

Heirloom accessories are more than just “that old stuff handed down from your family.” Those treasured heirlooms are fabulous tools for teaching your kids about their family history. Part of kids understanding who-they-are is having knowledge of where-they-came-from. Heirlooms help kids feel connected to the past, especially when those vintage pieces have stories to tell […]

Dec 162013
It's the Little Things {Old Fashioned Christmas}

Another really cute idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. Nothing says “old-fashioned” better than vintage crates with stenciled lettering, weathered boards with fading paint, and burlap mixed with gingham. Add all three of the above to gingerbread men, toy soldier nutcrackers, and scraggly evergreen trees in slightly dented galvanized pails and you have […]

Oct 102012
Unique Vintage Quilts in Teen Rooms

Historically, handmade quilts served two purposes—practicality and beauty. On the practical side, quilts served as protection from the cold on wintery nights. Aesthetically, quilts were creative expressions adding beauty to plain or rustic rooms. Quilts still serve the same purposes today, warmth and beauty, but by using vintage quilts in today’s teen rooms, you can […]

Jun 282012
See Our Featured Article on Time Out For Women {TOFW}

If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember me mentioning Time Out For Women. I was a featured blogger for a week (see that post here) and a few months later joined a link party (here) TOFW was hosting. A few weeks ago, I received another request from Time Out […]

Jun 272012
The Frugal Nursery....with Panache!

In the opening post of the Baby Nursery Décor Ideas Series, I said, “ The perfect baby nursery has nothing to do with the money you spend and everything to do with pulling together details.” True statement. So, just how do you pull together a frugal nursery…..with panache? First, understand the meaning of two words—frugal […]

Mar 282012
Teen Girl's Room Vintage Storage for Vintage Jewelry

“All things old become new again.”   Harley King Have you noticed how true that statement is? I have, especially with vintage style finding such a prominent place in modern times. Vintage, defined as “high quality of a past time”, is the new love of many, including teenagers. Vintage objects like picture frames and wooden crates […]