Nov 072013
Use Accessories to Create Kids' Room Theme {Music}

Using accessories to create kids’ room themes works with all ages and especially in a teen room that needs an update when you want a minimal investment. If you have a musically talented teen, why not transfer that most-loved avocation into a teen room theme? It can be done much easier than you think and […]

May 012013
Nailheads are Hot on Teen Room Furniture

Nailheads on furniture is nothing new. Actually it is quite an old style technique from the 1500’s. So when your teen wants to attach decorative brass nails to their furniture because “nailheads are hot!”, just smile and watch history repeat itself. It was during the Renaissance period that brass nails were used to attach fabric […]

Apr 222013
Really Cool Levitating Table

This falls into the category of amazing and really cool stuff…..something too cool to not share. Scrolling through one of the blogs I read, I found a table like none other in design—a levitating table. Looks solid, but it’s not. Or maybe, it is solid but moveable. No, maybe it’s solid floating in mid-air while […]

Mar 282013
Spotting Quality Construction in Kids' Furniture

First, let me say…..the information in this post is by no means a comprehensive list of every feature of quality furniture. It is however a starting point for spotting quality construction in kids’ furniture when you go shopping. Before we get into specifics, here are a few must haves and things to watch for in […]

Mar 212013
Eco-Friendly Natural Kids' Room Furniture

The primary materials used for kids’ room furniture is wood, metal, and plastic, alone or in combination. There is however, one other less common group of materials used. I call them the naturals—eco-friendly rattan and bamboo. Rattan is often used interchangeably with wicker, as is bamboo with cane, but there are definite differences. Knowing the […]

Feb 282013
Softer Side of Teen and Family Room Furniture

Today’s kids’ room furniture essentials post is about the softer side of teen and family room furniture or in other words…..fabric covered foam. You’ve seen it. You’ve lounged on it. Your kids love it! You see the outside but do you know what’s inside? Fabric covered foam furniture (say that fast 5 times!) can be […]

Feb 212013
Using Metal Furniture in Baby, Kids, and Teen Rooms

Selecting appropriate furniture for kids’ rooms can be a daunting job or a joyful task. Using metal furniture in baby nurseries, kids and teen rooms can be one of the daunting tasks because it takes a little more care than usual in selection. Metal furniture ranges from elaborately traditional to sleekly modern and makes a […]

Feb 112013
Miniature Furniture Classics Produced to Scale Gives True-to-Life Details

Something about big stuff being reduced to pint-size that many of us find intriguing. Remember “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, “The Borrowers”, “Stuart Little”, and “Gulliver’s Travels”? We are enchanted with miniatures. I have always been fascinated by scaled miniatures—from train sets to hot wheels to doll houses to Barbie clothes. Now as an interior […]

Jan 302013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Soft Teal}

Color can be used to make large rooms feel cozy or small rooms feel more open. Since kids’ rooms are generally smaller, a soft teal color scheme is a fabulous way to make small feel big. A monochromatic color scheme enlarges space by using just one color, but in varying intensities from light to dark. […]