Dec 162014
Baby Nursery White Christmas

Baby….White….Christmas. Just musing a bit here as I write. Those three are a perfect trio…..the innocence of a newborn baby, the purity of white, and the celebration of Christmas. What better reminder of the reason we celebrate can we have during baby’s first Christmas than to adorn the room of the littlest angel in the […]

Dec 042014
Kids' Room Christmas Ideas {Jolly Red}

The first post of the Kids’ Room Christmas Idea Series covers easy ways to use COLOR to quickly create holiday charm. Traditional red is my favorite…and jolliest Christmas color! The best part of using red? It only takes a little to make a big statement. Pops of red spread around the room or concentrated in […]

Dec 022014
Kids' Room Christmas Ideas Series

Next item on your holiday to do list –decorate the kids’ rooms for Christmas. Yep. It was in the plans but you ran out of time, right? Easy to say but harder to do….or so you think. But it’s not really hard when you look at it this way. Color. Style. Theme. All you need […]

Aug 182014
Color Wheel Puzzle a Paradox

The Color Wheel Puzzle. A product that is both a good idea and a bad idea at the same time. How? Good Idea: Teaches kids color theory at an early age by showing what happens when primary colors are combined. Great for elementary school art lessons. Bad Idea: It has small parts and carries a […]

Jul 302014
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Soft Blue}

Sky blue, baby blue, and robin’s egg blue are just three color names that come to mind when you think of soft blue for kids’ room color schemes. Blue plays such a big part of nature and is often a kids’ favorite color but must be used carefully to create the proper atmosphere. Too much […]

Jul 232014
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Whitewashed}

A room with the absence of color—black, gray, white—has become quite the popular trend in kids’ room color schemes…..but is a whitewashed room really the absence of color? White is the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light and is actually the combination of all colors in the visible spectrum mixed together. Just like any […]

Jul 162014
How to Add a Pop of Red to Kids' Room Color Schemes

  Have you heard the term a “pop of color”? Often bantered around designer circles it means bold, bright colors used in small doses to catch the eye. Cherry or fire engine red is one of those pops found in kids’ room color schemes. The vibrant red is energetic and intense and an all-time kid […]

Feb 262014
All White Baby Nursery Ideas

When you think of an all-white baby nursery, what comes to mind? A sterile room, zero color, and cold as snow? A clean palette of white has become a popular backdrop for the baby nursery, but an “all-white” design means the predominate color is white…..not a whiteout or total absence of color. The wonderful thing […]

Jan 022014
Kids' Rooms: 2014 Color Trends to Watch

The New Year brings with it many changes, color trends being one of the changes designers watch each year. Celebrate by giving the kids’ rooms a new coat of paint, updating an old furniture piece with a new finish, or reupholstering that worn out chair in the corner in one of the 2014 colors. Sherwin-Williams […]

Dec 312013
Reviewing Our 2013 Favorites

It has been a fun year for me writing about kidspaces. There have been a few standouts in the crowd…..those that seemed to become favorites quicker than others. I was going to list top shares by month, but that wouldn’t be fair to December! So, instead, I have opted for the top 6 and a […]