Jul 012014
Ways to use Starfish and Shells as Coastal Kids' Room Accessories

  Beachcombing gets in the blood. Once a kid starts looking for treasures on the beach, it becomes an every-trip-to-the-beach-obsession. From starfish to seashells of every shape and size, kids love to collect…..often bringing home buckets full. So what do you do with all those shells? Most common use is to fill jars with a […]

Jun 262014
10 Super Driftwood Sailboats to Use in Beach Theme Kids' Rooms

Each one is totally unique. From the shape and color of the wood to the material used for the sail to the little details that add the finishing touch, driftwood sailboats are super accessories in beach theme kids’ rooms. Create your own as a keepsake to celebrate your trip or find one created by a […]

Jun 252014
Awesome Coastal Teen Rooms

Coastal Casual. It’s a popular style that comfortably fits every age group in the family. Baby and toddler rooms are relaxing. Kids’ rooms are fun…..but coastal teen rooms are awesome! Teen rooms feel like the ocean is at your doorstep ready for you to hit the waves with a surfboard or set sail for the […]

Jun 232014
Kids' Bathroom "Beach" Tile Wall

  Fun wall treatment for a coastal kids’ bathroom. Can you tell what it is? It’s the beach in mosaic tile. The tile design caught my eye because it reminds me of a commercial resort project I worked on a few years ago (but I only tiled one wall as an accent, not all four). […]

Jun 192014
Coastal Kids' Room Rope Accessories

Forget the shine. Forget the glamour. When you’re at the beach house or hanging out near the coast, life is a little more relaxed…..so are furnishings and accessories you use in coastal kids’ room décor. Want to add a little lighthearted feel to your coastal kids’ room? Use rope accessories for a true-to-theme touch. Purchased […]

Jun 182014
Sweet Coastal Baby Nurseries

Whether you live near the beach or just love rooms that remind you of the beach, designing a sweet coastal baby nursery is easy to achieve. All it takes is choosing the right color scheme, keeping the room bright and airy, and incorporating the right amount of coastal art and accessories. Want the beach at […]

Jun 162014
Need Beach Theme Kids' Room Art? Get "Songs of the Sea"

Found this fabulous piece of art and fell in love. It has four of my great loves rolled into one piece…..sea shells, music, soft shades of blue, and the beach. Love the composition! It would work easily in any kids’ room, from baby’s nursery to a teen’s retreat. Soothing. Serene. Sweet. Just seeing this piece […]

Jun 112014
Beachy Blue Striped Kids' Rooms

Stripes are an ideal beginning to beachy kids’ room decor, especially in varying shades of blue mixed with white. Why? Two reasons—blue represents both sea and sky, and white is the hallmark of coastal interiors. Coastal interiors often blur the line between indoors and outdoors which is part of the magic in beach theme rooms. […]

Jun 092014
Awesome Seashell Shower Spout

Sometimes you find something that has everything going for it. This seashell shower spout is one of those things. Everything like: Outdoor shower? Check. Coastal design? Check. Near the beach? Check. Tropical paradise? Check. Add to this list a-most-awesome-way-to-use-a-seashell and you have this sweet little gem…..and a place your kids will want to shower. Often. […]

Jun 062014
Awesome Kid-Friendly Coastal Mudrooms

Even in a beach house, you need a mudroom. Maybe it should be called a “sand trap room” or “towel dump room” instead (if you’ve been to the beach with kids, you know exactly what I mean), but it isn’t. Mudroom is a generic name for the casual entry for removing footwear and wet clothing. […]