Jul 242014
Cozy Summer Cabin Bunk Rooms

Summer. Who doesn’t love summer and all it offers? Time for travel and vacation. Time for family reunions and get-togethers with friends…..and what better place for the kids to sleep during your trips than a cozy summer cabin bunk room. (Above) Sliding barn doors make the bunkroom entrance accessible as well as enticing. Easy for […]

Jul 082014
Sleeping on the Screened Porch {Part-2}

Sleeping on the screened porch is a treat during summer, especially when cousins are there to share the experience. When the porch has enough room, you can create a semi-bunkroom that has all the features of indoor living and the excitement of being outdoors at the same time. (Above) Lots of light and cross breezes […]

Jun 042014
Cool Coastal Bunk Rooms

While on vacation at the beach house, sleeping is reduced to the minimum time needed. Who wants to sleep the day away when the surf, sand, and sun are calling? A cool bunk room will most likely changing sleep-time to conversation-time as beds are circled making lively laughter part of the memory making. Adding coastal […]

Apr 172013
Really Unique Bunkrooms for Kids

If your last round of holiday or summer guests was a little unorganized and you have room for a bunkroom…..now is the time to get started because I guarantee—they’ll be back! And if you want to keep them coming back, nothing is more exciting than a really unique bunkroom for kids to call home during […]

Dec 062012
Small Space Bunk Rooms

Bunk rooms for pint-sized guests need not be a large room or separate bunk house. Converted porches and attic rooms can create the coziest of small space bunk rooms. For kid-sized bodies, these small spaces are the perfect solution to your need for multiple beds during holiday or vacation visits but only if they meet […]

Dec 052012
Creating Privacy in Bunk Rooms

Kids bunking together during the holidays or vacation can kindle many great memories….of hearty laughter, tender moments, fun and games. But unless the bunk room design includes creating privacy for guests, some of the memories may include sleepless nights….from others snoring, talking in their sleep, or late hours. Also, different needs for different ages apply—modesty […]

Dec 042012
Awesome Bunk Room Storage

Want to make your home a favorite holiday or vacation destination? Then an awesome bunk room with equally awesome storage is a necessity. Bunk rooms are a super fun way to house guests, especially a group of kids, but even the littlest guests come with suitcases and lots of gear…..and it’s no fun for anyone […]

Dec 032012
Kids' Bunk Room Essentials Series

Depending on where you live, overnight visits from family and friends can be more frequent than just holidays or summer vacation. If you live in or are near a prime “destination” spot (aka the beach, sports stadium, historic sites, etc.), you can count on visitors. So, just where to you put them? Adults love guest […]

Jul 112012
Unique Nautical Bunk Rooms

Bunk rooms are the perfect guest accommodation solution for kids’ sleepovers or vacation and holiday visitors. Multi-bed rooms can easily house a group of best friends, an entire family, or a room full of cousins. If you live near the coast, it’s an ideal place to create a unique nautical bunk room. It’s easy to […]

May 302012
Awesome Bunk Rooms at Grandma's

“Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go…..” No matter the season or the reason, going to Grandma’s house can evoke so many fond memories. But how fun would it be to have the house full of cousins, plus have an awesome bunk room like one of these? For two, three, […]