Apr 142014
It's the Little Things {Tree Guardrail}

Another really cute idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. One of the best parts of bunk beds is climbing to the top bunk. Know any kids who want to sleep on the bottom? Nope. Nothing exciting about “climbing” into the bottom bunk. So what’s the little thing here? For kids, it’s the climb […]

Jan 302014
Headboard Used to Increase Kids' Room Storage

The most dominant feature in a kid’s room (and usually the largest) is the bed. It gives the room a focal point and helps establish room style. The headboard plays a huge part in room design by making a dramatic or whimsical statement or a bit more on the practical side…..increasing storage in kids’ rooms. […]

Jan 212014
Cool Stacking Storage Ideas to Organize Kids' Rooms

When you want to increase kids’ room storage without a considerable investment, stacking storage is the ideal solution. Why? Glad you asked. Here’s why: Modular units grow with your kids—start with a few units. Need more storage? Add more units. Different configurations available—low to ground for littlest kids to use, higher for older kids. Container […]

Oct 302013
Kids' Rooms.....Cool Curvy Cutouts

The curve, similar to a line…….but it’s not required to be straight. It’s the perfect solution for a room that is too square (and boring), especially for those teens and tweens who live life just a little differently than the rest of us. Curvy cutouts instantly change boxy bedrooms to ultra cool kid retreats—like one […]

Aug 282013
Cool Shared Room Cantilever Bed

I never much cared for physical science (or any science for that matter) until I hit design classes in college and could actually see how it was used in real life. The first time I saw Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater I finally understood the meaning of “cantilever”. Transfer the scientific principle to kids’ beds and […]

Jul 242013
Teen Room Hanging Beds.....for Two

Hanging out. Typical teen language used for socializing with friends (those you choose or not); spending time with someone as a friend. Even Google has a place for cyber “hangouts” on the net. Found a new twist on teen rooms as hangouts…..literally. How about hanging beds, suspended from the ceiling or wall as the new […]

Apr 022013
Kids' Bedrooms: Modernizing Old Rooms

Carved wooden balustrades, embossed metal window latches, odd shaped windows, and interior brick walls…..just a few distinctive examples of craftsmanship found in old buildings. That’s the fun part of old homes. The not so fun part is lack of modern conveniences—closets, HVAC, and finished walls—we take for granted. So, if you have an older home, […]

Feb 212013
Using Metal Furniture in Baby, Kids, and Teen Rooms

Selecting appropriate furniture for kids’ rooms can be a daunting job or a joyful task. Using metal furniture in baby nurseries, kids and teen rooms can be one of the daunting tasks because it takes a little more care than usual in selection. Metal furniture ranges from elaborately traditional to sleekly modern and makes a […]

Dec 112012
How to Choose Kids' Room Bunk Beds

Reasons abound for using bunk beds in kids’ rooms—space saver, shared room, and kids love bunks to name a few. Deciding you need bunk beds is the easy part. Now it’s time for selection. With so many options available, how do you choose the right kids’ room bunk bed? Glad you asked! I have 10 […]

Jul 112012
Unique Nautical Bunk Rooms

Bunk rooms are the perfect guest accommodation solution for kids’ sleepovers or vacation and holiday visitors. Multi-bed rooms can easily house a group of best friends, an entire family, or a room full of cousins. If you live near the coast, it’s an ideal place to create a unique nautical bunk room. It’s easy to […]