Feb 272014
One Baby Crib, Seven Totally Awesome Nurseries

Is more than one baby in your family’s future plans? If so, are you concerned your baby crib may lock you into one nursery style forever? Doesn’t have to, especially when you use a classic style baby crib. By classic, I don’t mean “traditional”. Classic simply means it never goes out of style; it has […]

Feb 262014
All White Baby Nursery Ideas

When you think of an all-white baby nursery, what comes to mind? A sterile room, zero color, and cold as snow? A clean palette of white has become a popular backdrop for the baby nursery, but an “all-white” design means the predominate color is white…..not a whiteout or total absence of color. The wonderful thing […]

Feb 122014
Small Space Nursery Ideas

Preparing for baby’s arrival is an exciting time for families and often includes trying to fit baby’s little universe into the smallest room in the house. To make everything fit without creating clutter requires small space nursery ideas or guidelines. Guidelines for maximizing small spaces is basically the same for any room in the house, […]

Nov 142013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials {Checks}

This post is about the 3rd of 5 basic pattern shapes in the Kids’ Room Pattern Essentials Series—crossed horizontal and vertical lines that form squares, more commonly know as checks. Most people think gingham when they think of checked patterns. Gingham is a plain, woven fabric with white and one other color, like shown in […]

Mar 212013
Eco-Friendly Natural Kids' Room Furniture

The primary materials used for kids’ room furniture is wood, metal, and plastic, alone or in combination. There is however, one other less common group of materials used. I call them the naturals—eco-friendly rattan and bamboo. Rattan is often used interchangeably with wicker, as is bamboo with cane, but there are definite differences. Knowing the […]

Feb 212013
Using Metal Furniture in Baby, Kids, and Teen Rooms

Selecting appropriate furniture for kids’ rooms can be a daunting job or a joyful task. Using metal furniture in baby nurseries, kids and teen rooms can be one of the daunting tasks because it takes a little more care than usual in selection. Metal furniture ranges from elaborately traditional to sleekly modern and makes a […]

Jan 302013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Soft Teal}

Color can be used to make large rooms feel cozy or small rooms feel more open. Since kids’ rooms are generally smaller, a soft teal color scheme is a fabulous way to make small feel big. A monochromatic color scheme enlarges space by using just one color, but in varying intensities from light to dark. […]

Jan 292013
Baby Nursery + Classic Furniture = Awesome!

One requirement of my design school modern furniture class was learning the name, designer, and year designed of more than 50 chairs, that were then considered “modern classics.” I learned to love those chairs. Now when I see a baby nursery with classic furniture, it is awesome! Still classics but now called “mid-century modern”, have […]

Jan 242013
Modern Acrylic Kids' Room Furniture

Clearly acrylic kids’ room furniture is back in fashion. Thank you Mr. Starck. Who? and what for? you ask. The who is Phillipe Starck, designer of the Louis Ghost Armchair. The what is for bringing acrylic furniture back into vogue and especially for shrinking Louis down to kid-size to give us…..Lou Lou. A Little History […]

Jan 172013
Wood: Top Material Used for Kids' Room Furniture

Choosing the right material is one of three essential parts of furniture selection. Wood is almost the only material used in historic furniture and is still the top choice for kids’ room furniture today. Before selecting any wood furniture (especially for kids’ use), a little education on wood is recommended—labels, types, characteristics, and pros/cons. Industry […]