Sep 092014
Ideas for Teaching Toddlers the ABC's Using Bedroom Artwork

Learning to read begins with something as simple as learning the ABC’s. Most preschooler’s know their ABC’s by the time they are three years old. But when and how do you start teaching a kid to recognize the funny little shapes that added together properly comprise thoughts, ideas, and plans that move the world? Most […]

Jun 162014
Need Beach Theme Kids' Room Art? Get "Songs of the Sea"

Found this fabulous piece of art and fell in love. It has four of my great loves rolled into one piece…..sea shells, music, soft shades of blue, and the beach. Love the composition! It would work easily in any kids’ room, from baby’s nursery to a teen’s retreat. Soothing. Serene. Sweet. Just seeing this piece […]

Apr 172014
Kids' Room Art: Quotes to Inspire

Need a quick way to brighten your kids’ day? Think “quotes to inspire” next time you switch out the kids’ room art. Blank space over the bed, by the door, or over their desk will catch their eye coming and going, studying and preparing for sleep. Quotes are subtle messages you want your kids to […]

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Mar 272014
10 Great Family Tree Ideas for Kids' Room Art

Using family trees for kids’ room art is a great idea. Why? Kids love to see their name and when it’s written on a piece of art, it seems even more important…, it’s a great way to teach kids about their family heritage. Haven’t a clue about your ancestors? No problem. Design your tree to […]

Mar 242014
Our "Spring Fever" Giveaway

Do you have spring fever yet? I do. Signs of spring are becoming visible, if you look really close! Ready for warmer weather and more time outside after a long winter…..ok, those of you who live in places snowbirds love can stop giggling now. Seriously, I feel like celebrating so I decided to try another […]

Feb 242014
How Many Kids' Room Trends Can You Spot?

I originally selected this photo to highlight the trendy star patterned floor tile. Then I started looking more closely at the entire room and questioned… many kids’ room trends are in this one room? It’s almost like playing “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy”. Here’s what I found: Star patterned floor Vintage style furniture Old maps […]

Jan 132014
It's the Little Things {Catching Raindrops}

Another really cute idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. This is a really cute little girl’s room. Probably toddler age just transitioned from baby crib to big-girl-bed. The mix of neutrals—gray, white, beige—and soft pink with a more vibrant hue on the floor says a cute little girl likes to play here. The […]

Nov 122013
Unique and Unusual Photo Hangers

Did you know the easiest part of hanging photos and artwork is doing it wrong? There is an art to hanging art so the composition is pleasing to the eye of the beholder. Hanging photos and artwork correctly entails three parts— 1) selecting interesting pieces, 2) arranging in a pleasing way, and 3) securely attaching […]

Nov 072013
Use Accessories to Create Kids' Room Theme {Music}

Using accessories to create kids’ room themes works with all ages and especially in a teen room that needs an update when you want a minimal investment. If you have a musically talented teen, why not transfer that most-loved avocation into a teen room theme? It can be done much easier than you think and […]

Nov 052013
Use Accessories to Create Kids' Room Theme {Airplane}

  There are a couple of reasons I really like using accessories to create kids’ room themes—you can focus on a kid’s hobby or interest, you can change themes quickly, and your investment is minimal (compared to themed furniture.) Have a kid interested in flying? The airplane creates a fabulous aviation themed room. From vintage […]