Aug 182014

color wheel puzzle paradox

The Color Wheel Puzzle. A product that is both a good idea and a bad idea at the same time. How?

Good Idea: Teaches kids color theory at an early age by showing what happens when primary colors are combined. Great for elementary school art lessons.

Bad Idea: It has small parts and carries a CPSC warning for choking hazard. Not a good toy for kids under 3 years old……and who generally plays with puzzles? Toddlers. Not a good toy for home.

It looks cool but safety is always first in product design.

Well, back to the drawing board.

Aug 142014
sheer bed canopy girls room

Drape an embroidered sheer over a wall-mounted branch to keep it cozy and informal. Attach birds, butterflies, or even little fairies for sweet touch.


Love romantic bed canopies in your girls’ rooms? I do too. That’s why I covered sheer bed canopy ideas for tots to teens (here) and bed crown canopy ideas (here).

Found a few more really sweet ideas for girls’ rooms using unique mounting methods—branches, dowels, metal hardware—and ornamental fabrics—embroidered, appliqued, and lace.

Take a look at these ideas……



lights and sheer bed canopy for girls room

Add a few strands of miniature lights to the crown and drape alongside the sheer edge for a romantic touch. Girls love the little fairy lights too.

butterfly pattern sheer bed canopy

Beautiful butterflies attached to this sheer add an element of depth and interest to an otherwise plain fabric, in perfect harmony with the room design.

sheer bed canopy wall mounted

Use sheer lace fabric for a more romantic touch, especially for those who love all things feminine. Wire frame wall-mounted hardware with decorative roses adds another sweet touch.

teen girls room bed canopy with tent poles

No way to mount on the wall or ceiling? Try draping sheer fabric or netting over a dowel frame “tent” decorated with pom-pom garland. Soft and airy.

baby nursery sheer bed canopy bassinet

Protect your sweetest little family member with a sheer canopy draped over hardware mounted directly to the bassinet. Love the little heart ornament placed over the object of your heart’s desire.

See….you don’t need an elaborate 4-poster bed with a canopy top to add that sweet touch to a girl’s room. You just need an elegant sheer fabric and cute way to drape from the wall or ceiling.



Aug 132014

School’s back in session and homework is just around the corner…..which means you might just need a few ideas for home study centers. So, the next three weeks, I will be posting back-to-school kids’ rooms and home school room design tips.

But first, check out an earlier series posted about Creating Kids’ Home Study Centers with tips on choosing study desks and chairs, computer station necessities, reading areas, and study areas that help kids be successful.

Then come back here for these fabulous study desk ideas for girls’ bedrooms.

girls room study desk modern style Nice corner desk with plenty of knee space, stylish adjustable chair, and ample work surface (provided only a few books are needed).

Adding a few shelves for storage (if window seat drawers aren’t adequate) and a few desk top containers for supplies will keep the area organized.

Love the hip little lamp.

vintage style desk and chair in girls room Vintage pieces work well in small spaces. This compact little desk has both open and closed storage for books and supplies.

Small scale chair works well in the space but might be hard to use for long periods of study but ok for girls tackling shorter assignments.

One key ingredient missing…..a desk lamp. Check out Top Teen Desk Lamps for a few ideas.

girls bedroom study desk ideas Fashionable at any age and completely functional, this study desk invites a girl to sit and study.

Even though the chair isn’t adjustable or on wheels, molded seats are generally comfortable…..and hot pink makes it even better!

Drawers and containers for storage, hot little task light, and a roomy desktop surface keep homework time efficient and fun.

easy study desk for girls bedroom Built-in units maximize space for both study and storage. Simply designed using boxes and flat surfaces, this contemporary space has combined organization with style. Different levels add interest and the ability to organize more stuff.

Fabulous use of natural light for over-the-shoulder illumination during the day and fashionable desk lamp for night time study.

Love the Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair. Molded ply chairs are super comfortable.

contemporary girls room study desk with storage The perfect small space design, this built-in desk is nothing more than a file drawer cabinet with a laminate top attached. The white finish blends into the wall giving the illusion of a larger space.

Plush slipper chair keeps homework time a little more comfortable, desk lamp keeps everything illuminated, and fabric covered cork board keeps things organized.

The high shelf overhead adds cuteness to the space. Sweet little study area!

modern chair with girls bedroom desk Same idea as above but with one twist. Notice the corner has a support column hidden in the wall? This study desk idea captures the “lost space” for extra open storage. Clever.

Lots of stylish storage using simple containers and materials. The overhead shelves cut to fit the corner provide the perfect place for leaning books.

Desk chair and task light combo? What can I say but….divine. Love the look.

Need more bedroom study desk ideas? Take a look at the post on Boys’, Teens’, and Pre-Schoolers’ desks plus Kids’ Loft Beds and Study Areas Below, Study Desk for Small Bedrooms, and Scandinavian Desks for Teen’s Home Study.

Jul 302014

soft blue girls room color schemeSky blue, baby blue, and robin’s egg blue are just three color names that come to mind when you think of soft blue for kids’ room color schemes.

Blue plays such a big part of nature and is often a kids’ favorite color but must be used carefully to create the proper atmosphere. Too much can make a room feel cold.

Blues have a wide range from dark to light to bright, each having it’s own special meaning. Soft blue is known for being:

  • Serene, sedate, peaceful—invoking a restful state of mind and body.
  • Helpful in slowing human metabolism, acting as an appetite suppressant.
  • Light and friendly, associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and trustworthiness.

When it comes to soft blue, this color knows no gender or age restrictions. Blue looks just as good in a baby nursery as it does in a teen’s room, and works just as well in a girl’s room as a boy’s.

Here are a few ideas showing careful placement of the lightest and softest blues in the spectrum:

soft blue girls room color scheme ideas

soft blue teen girls room color scheme

soft blue kids room color scheme

soft blue color scheme for kids room

soft blue tween girls room color scheme

From walls to bedding to accessories, kids’ room color schemes in soft blue bring a peaceful, serene feeling into any room. Have hyper kids? A soft blue bedroom may be the answer.

———- ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ———-

 More Kids’ Room Color Schemes:


Jul 282014

broken poet garden for kids

Need something for the kids to do? Here’s an activity they will not only remember but will learn a few skills, some patience, and appreciation for nature all at the same time. Broken Pot Gardens.

I thought this was a pretty unique idea when I unearthed this photo, but as I did a little more digging (puns intended!), I found putting broken pots to use instead of sending to the dump is quite a trend in recycling

I know some of these can be very elaborate but for the kids, just start with something simple. The will have fun putting on the finishing touches on their own mini-garden for sure.

What a fabulous idea for using those imperfect but well-loved clay pots!



kids summer activity ideas with broken pot garden

ideas for making broken pot garden

Click HERE for a tutorial on how to accomplish this mini-garden activity.

Jul 242014

summer cabin bunk room

Summer. Who doesn’t love summer and all it offers? Time for travel and vacation. Time for family reunions and get-togethers with friends…..and what better place for the kids to sleep during your trips than a cozy summer cabin bunk room.

(Above) Sliding barn doors make the bunkroom entrance accessible as well as enticing. Easy for hauling luggage in and out, easy for kids to open and close (without slamming!), and easy for parents to get a full view of the cozy room full of bunk beds.

(Below) Large pine beams lend both support and design aesthetic to this western style cabin bunkroom. The super soft comforters take the edge off by providing a cozy cocoon surrounded by warm wood and natural colors. Below bed storage keeps the small space clutter free.

summer cabin bunk rooms for kids western style

summer cabin bunk room nautical theme

(Above) This cozy corridor bunkroom is reminiscent of below deck sleeping berths but with privacy curtains. You can see the nautical influence with bell shaped sconces and lantern lamp, navy and white stripes, slat wood ceiling, ships wheel, and grommets on pillow covers. Perfect little coastline summer bunkroom for six.

(Below) This whitewashed cabin bunkroom design works on the coast or a mountain lake where fishing is the #1 activity. Perfect for teens with bigger bodies that need a little more space to sleep than kiddos. A little rustic, a little casual…..and a lot of fun for telling fish tales.

kids summer cabin bunk room

nautical summer cabin bunk room

(Above) Line up the beds, cover with throws, and toss on the pillow for a bunkroom “sea of beds”. Closeness begets conversation. Comfort begets coziness. This room is a cozy conversation chamber…..and kids will love the individual trunks at the foot of each bed.

(Below) Natural light and light colors add spaciousness to this cabin bunkroom. The low ceiling makes it cozy….as does the addition of ottomans, poufs, and pillows used for comfort while visiting with bunkmates.

summer cabin bunk room for four

Coastline or mountain side, cabin bunk rooms are best enjoyed when filled with love, laughter, and fun with family……especially when you have plenty of space to hang out together.

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 Get more awesome bunkroom ideas here:


Jul 232014

white wash vintage trunk for teen room color schemeA room with the absence of color—black, gray, white—has become quite the popular trend in kids’ room color schemes…..but is a whitewashed room really the absence of color?

White is the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light and is actually the combination of all colors in the visible spectrum mixed together.

Just like any other color, white affects both the mind and the body. Here’s what we know about the color white:

  • It is inherently positive depicting a successful beginning.
  • It is a symbol of purity—good guys wear white in the movies, brides wear white, angels are typically depicted wearing white or having a white glow.
  • It affects the mind by aiding in mental clarity promoting feelings of renewal or a fresh start.
  • It is used to represent simplicity, innocence, perfection, honesty, and cleanliness.

In a whitewashed room, texture takes center stage. Nubby fabrics appear coarser, matte surfaces appear duller, and shiny surfaces appear more reflective. A whitewashed room provides the perfect backdrop for highlighting artwork and accessories.

Take a look at these awesome kids’ rooms and notice the textures plus how art and accessories become focal points.

all white teen room ideas

neutral white attic teen retreat

kids activity center in modern all white room

kids room all white color scheme

all white baby nursery

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More Kids’ Room Color Schemes:


Jul 212014

birthday cake

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

3-years today!


Recently, I was asked if I still had ideas to write about after three years of writing my blog. Answer….“Oh, yes. I sure do! Kidspaces are the best.”

Hope you are enjoying reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Thanks for reading and following. Thanks for asking questions and commenting. Thanks for pinning and reposting.

Here’s to another fabulous year……



Jul 172014
sheer bed curtain for baby nursery bassinet drapery

….for a baby nursery bassinet.


What do you get with a hook, a hoop, and a whole lot of sheer fabric in girls’ rooms? A dreamy bed canopy reminiscent of bygone days.

In the 1800’s, yards of fabric cascading down around the bed were used for protection from flying pests when windows were left open to provide airflow.

The age old idea has returned but as a soft, feminine detail that adds an extra aura of romance to any girl’s room….from tot to teen.

I have found six similar yet different ceiling mount solutions for adding a dreamy bed canopy……

toddler room sheer bed canopy

…..for a toddler bed.

tween girls bed curtain sheer canopy

…..for a tween bedroom.

shabby chic girls room with sheer bed canopy

…..for a little girl’s bedroom.

teen girls bedroom sheer bed canopy

….for a teen girl’s room.

girls ceiling mount sheer bed canopy

…..for a romantic tween or teen girl’s bed.



Recreate a more sentimental time with a sheer bed canopy that softly filters light without impeding visibility or airflow. Elegant and easy-going, it’s a trend your girls will love.


———- ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ———-


If you love romantic and feminine rooms, check out Lovely Girls’ Room Bed Crown Canopy and Creating Elegant Girl’s Rooms.



Jul 162014
cherry red window seat cushion

Smaller solid red accessories are surrounded by white but it’s the red and white seat cushion that best ties it together without minimizing the impact.


Have you heard the term a “pop of color”? Often bantered around designer circles it means bold, bright colors used in small doses to catch the eye.

Cherry or fire engine red is one of those pops found in kids’ room color schemes. The vibrant red is energetic and intense and an all-time kid favorite.

Red is highly visible, even in small doses so it doesn’t take much to make the color really “pop”. The key is avoiding too much intensity in too many places without subduing the color’s strength.

So, how is it done, you ask? Use small doses of red for attention but use neutrals to lessen the impact. Like this……


red wall in attic kids room

The best way to use bold red on the wall is to use in small areas. Surrounded by warm wood, wicker, and soft white reduces intensity but not effect.

kids room color scheme cherry red

Using bright red in small spaces is tricky but possible. Solid blocks of red are used only on the pillows providing a focal point while smaller blocks of red are worked into the patchwork quilt.

kids room color scheme cherry red and white

Several solid blocks of red accessories are used in this shared kids’ room but notice the pops of red are all in the lower half of the room which keeps eyes from darting around the room too much if red had been used up high as well.

red furniture in baby nursery

Furniture is another ideal place to use a pop of bold color, especially when surrounded by neutral walls, floor and ceiling. The red baby crib catches the eye first when entering the nursery.

red furniture in toddler bedroom

While red is used in three places, size takes precedence. The eye is first drawn to the storage cabinet, the largest and most important “pop” of color, then to the bed frame and finally the clock on the wall…..large to small to tiny and all surrounded by neutrals.

Red indeed has the power to add vitality to a room and all it takes as pop of color in the right place to be effective.