Window Treatments

KidSpace Stuff blog posts on window treatments for kids’ rooms, from baby to teen, any room used by kids.

Apr 092014
Using Draperies to Add Privacy to Kids' Room Window Seat

Know how to take an already awesome idea—a window seat—and make it even more awesome? Use draperies to add an element of privacy. Kids love little alcoves and hiding places. Adding draperies makes the favorite seat in their room even more attractive. Window seats are the best….for gazing out on rainy days, for curling up […]

Feb 172014
Reading Nook to Chase Away Wintertime Blues

With a nod to Dorothy S. Andersen……. “What do kids do in the wintertime, when it’s too cold to play outside? Do they curl up with a book, in a cozy little nook and read ‘til the night draws nigh? Is that what they do? So do I!”   Now, all your kids need is […]

Jan 102014
10 Awesome Window Seats.....Kids' Room Storage Solution

Ok, I have to admit it. I love window seats! I think window seats are awesome for several reasons. (See one of my favorites here.) They work in any room, with any décor, for any age. Window seats are places kids read, play, or snuggle with a parent. They provide illumination on sunny days, comfort […]

Nov 202013
Using Darling Diamonds in Kids' Rooms

  How about a little math refresher….do you know what a rhombus is? Think back to geometry class or even basic shapes covered in elementary school. A rhombus is a parallelogram with four equal sides and opposite angles are equal sizes. When turned on it’s point and used in kids’ room, we just simply call […]

Apr 202012
News: Window Safety and Toddler Rooms

  Just a gentle reminder to parents of toddlers. Even if you teach toddlers to stay away from windows, accidents can happen quickly. As temperatures warm up (or cool down depending where you’re located) and you open windows to permit fresh air, remember safety first. April 1st thru 7th was National Window Safety Week in […]

Apr 192012
Kids' Rooms: When to Use Woven Blinds

Sometimes a kids’ room window just needs a quick, inexpensive covering to provide privacy and a little light control. Instead of opting for a vinyl roller shade or draping a sheet over the window, try using woven blinds. Commonly called “matchstick” blinds (or mistakenly called bamboo roman shades), woven blinds are created when narrow horizontal […]

Apr 122012
Popularity of Kids' Room Roman Shades

When you need a clean, classic look or just something non-frilly on your kids’ room windows, a roman shade might just be the answer. Roman shades have become quite popular for kids room window treatments. Just look at the windows in the latest design magazines. What is a roman shade and makes them popular? Roman […]

Mar 292012
Artsy Ways to Hang Kids' Room Curtains

Want your kids’ windows to have a little casual elegance? Skip the rings and go straight to one of these artsy ways to hang curtains in their room…..tabbed, tied, looped, and pierced. Similar yet different, all four methods are popular for dressing kids’ room windows, both boys and girls, all ages, from baby to teen. […]

Mar 272012
Recycling Ideas for Kids' Blue Jeans

An old pair of blue jeans….makes you sigh doesn’t it? Comfortable, soft, versatile, and multi-use blue cotton denim. “Forever in blue jeans” as they say. Blue jeans are a kid’s clothing staple, but if your kids are like mine were, holes in the knees were all too frequent…and the holes were only in the knees! […]

Mar 222012
Using Mini Blinds in Kids' Rooms

We have already discussed shades and shutters in kids’ rooms but what about mini blinds? With cords and multiple pieces, are mini blinds really kid friendly enough to use in kids’ rooms? Yes they are….if you follow a few pointers and understand features and benefits. Blinds are made of wood, metal, or plastic moveable slats […]