Wednesday Weekly; The Bedroom

Babies to tots to kids to tweens to teens, boys and girls, shared, small spaces, everything bedroom for kids.

Jul 302014
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Soft Blue}

Sky blue, baby blue, and robin’s egg blue are just three color names that come to mind when you think of soft blue for kids’ room color schemes. Blue plays such a big part of nature and is often a kids’ favorite color but must be used carefully to create the proper atmosphere. Too much […]

Jul 232014
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Whitewashed}

A room with the absence of color—black, gray, white—has become quite the popular trend in kids’ room color schemes…..but is a whitewashed room really the absence of color? White is the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light and is actually the combination of all colors in the visible spectrum mixed together. Just like any […]

Jul 082014
Sleeping on the Screened Porch {Part-2}

Sleeping on the screened porch is a treat during summer, especially when cousins are there to share the experience. When the porch has enough room, you can create a semi-bunkroom that has all the features of indoor living and the excitement of being outdoors at the same time. (Above) Lots of light and cross breezes […]

Apr 092014
Using Draperies to Add Privacy to Kids' Room Window Seat

Know how to take an already awesome idea—a window seat—and make it even more awesome? Use draperies to add an element of privacy. Kids love little alcoves and hiding places. Adding draperies makes the favorite seat in their room even more attractive. Window seats are the best….for gazing out on rainy days, for curling up […]

Feb 202014
The Simply Elegant Baby Nursery

Have you seen elegantly and lavishly decorated baby nurseries? They are certainly beautiful to behold….but when you want a just a touch of grace and style, what is it that makes a baby nursery “simply elegant”? Elegance is subjective, but there are specific design components that take a room from charming to elegant. Here are […]

Dec 182013
Kids' Room Christmas.....Decor to Charm Holiday Guests

  Family gatherings, large and small, often revolve around the Christmas celebration and frequently include overnight guests. When the kids’ rooms become the guests’ rooms, well-placed Christmas décor can charm holiday guests making their stay even more delightful. In a previous post, Kids’ Bedrooms: Accommodating Guests, I listed 10 guest room necessities. Number 10 on […]

Oct 302013
Kids' Rooms.....Cool Curvy Cutouts

The curve, similar to a line…….but it’s not required to be straight. It’s the perfect solution for a room that is too square (and boring), especially for those teens and tweens who live life just a little differently than the rest of us. Curvy cutouts instantly change boxy bedrooms to ultra cool kid retreats—like one […]

Oct 232013
Trendy Uses for the Chevron in Kids' Rooms

A line with abrupt alternate left and right turns. It’s one of the first patterns kids learn to draw. Called a zigzag…..but space it evenly, make the shape a continuously connected ‘V’ and you have the chevron, a popular, trendy pattern popping up in kids’ rooms. It can be one color alternating with bands of […]

Oct 172013
Kids' Room Plaid Pattern Popularity

Even though they’ve been around for hundreds of years (think Tartan) and most commonly used for clothing, plaids have hit their stride as a popular pattern for use in kids’ room decor. Do you know what makes a plaid a plaid? Here’s the textbook definition: Plaid – “A pattern consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical […]

Oct 092013
Lofty Places to Sleep

The area below a loft bed was just covered in the Series: Below Lofty Sleeping in Kids’ Rooms but what about the bed itself? What about the lofty places to sleep that kids love so much? The typical loft bed features a platform elevated off the floor holding a twin-size mattress, but who says a […]