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Dec 162014
Baby Nursery White Christmas

Baby….White….Christmas. Just musing a bit here as I write. Those three are a perfect trio…..the innocence of a newborn baby, the purity of white, and the celebration of Christmas. What better reminder of the reason we celebrate can we have during baby’s first Christmas than to adorn the room of the littlest angel in the […]

Apr 032014
Teen Girl's Room Vintage Vanities

In generations past, the bathroom was for bathing and general hygiene. Today’s bathrooms often double as dressing and makeup areas, especially when teen girls are part of the household. Bathroom getting too crowded or wait times too long? Send your teen girls back to the bedroom for dressing the way her great-grandmothers did and supply […]

Mar 312014
Teen Girl's Room Idea Series

Heard this truism before? “A place for everything and everything in its place.” If you think your baby girl has lots of gear, just wait until she becomes a teenager. Teens have more stuff….and it’s bigger. To make it all that stuff fit, your teen girl’s room will need specialized storage. That’s where this series […]

Mar 262014
More Boys' Baseball Themed Rooms

Baseball season and spring fever are natural companions. As soon as the weather starts warming, baseball mitts come out of storage and kids everywhere hit the diamond. In the lower USA, spring training is coming to an end and MLB season is about to begin. Little league teams have formed and started practice. Yep. Spring […]

Mar 212014
Recycling Vintage File Drawers for Teen Room Accessories

It is amazing to me how quickly objects we use everyday become obsolete. Do you remember library card catalogs? I’m not talking library catalog accessed on the computer. I mean real paper cards inside multiple little file drawers. Library card catalog drawers have now become part of history and probably something you and your kids […]

Mar 192014
Recycling Vintage File Cabinets in Kids' Rooms

Once upon a time paper was used for everything. Notes. Letters. Invoices. Receipts. There was so much paper that is started spilling out everywhere. Then someone invented file cabinets. Each cabinet contained multiple drawers for organizing a multiplicity of paper in all sizes, for all purposes. Then computers came along. File cabinets became obsolete. Thrift […]

Mar 172014
Using Vintage Lockers in Boys' Rooms

Warmth. My first thought when I spotted this set of vintage lockers. Something about vintage wood that adds a touch of warmth to any room. Perfect for boys’ rooms. That was my second thought. I have always loved using lockers for storage of sports equipment but cold, metal lockers were too noisy to be used […]

Mar 142014
Kids' Rooms: Creative Ways to Mix Old and New

Here’s a “how-to” you may not have considered—creative ways to mix old and new in your kids’ rooms. You may already be doing this but just don’t realize it. All it takes is one or two carefully selected pieces in one style added to a room designed around the other style to make it work. […]

Mar 102014
Create an Awesome, Kid-Friendly Vintage Mudroom

See the photo above? I love this mudroom. One of the top benefits of using vintage pieces in kidspaces is…..(drum roll please!), it’s already dinged, scratched, chipped, and worn looking. Perfect. Kids can kick, slam, and bang with no worries. For Kids. The rough whitewashed wood slat walls and floor with tiny tiles are almost […]

Mar 062014
Teach Kids Family History Using Your Parents' School Desk

The last topic in our teaching kids family history series is a little unusual….using your parents’ school desk. Do you even know what kind of desk your parents’ used in school? Bet your kids don’t know what your desk looked like! School desk design has evolved over the last few centuries. Before the days of […]