KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering interior design ideas for tween rooms.

Mar 262014
More Boys' Baseball Themed Rooms

Baseball season and spring fever are natural companions. As soon as the weather starts warming, baseball mitts come out of storage and kids everywhere hit the diamond. In the lower USA, spring training is coming to an end and MLB season is about to begin. Little league teams have formed and started practice. Yep. Spring […]

Sep 252013
Tween Room Polka Dots....Small, Medium, and Large

Is your just-turned-tween daughter objecting to her room design? It’s probably not the color. It’s probably the childish theme they have outgrown. When it’s time for a change, pattern can play an important role…….and polka dots are perfect for a tween room. Why? They’re classic. Evenly spaced dots have been around for ages. They’re informal. […]

Apr 102013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Lovely Lavender}

The next color in our kids’ room color scheme series is “lovely lavender”.  (Can’t resist using a little alliteration now and then.) Color influences us physiologically as well as emotionally. Color can influence our moods as well as provoke reactions—just ask marketing gurus why they use specific colors in specific places! Lavender is known for […]

Mar 272013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Green Sprout}

Kids’ first association with color names is usually a box of crayons….so don’t be surprised when they ask for a periwinkle, razzmatazz, or cornflower color scheme for their room. Green Sprout isn’t one of Crayola’s colors but paint names from nature are common. Nature is the ultimate source of every color palette. The eye makes […]

Jan 302013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Soft Teal}

Color can be used to make large rooms feel cozy or small rooms feel more open. Since kids’ rooms are generally smaller, a soft teal color scheme is a fabulous way to make small feel big. A monochromatic color scheme enlarges space by using just one color, but in varying intensities from light to dark. […]

Jan 162013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Sunny Yellow}

The rainbow or color spectrum is created as light refracts through a prism, with each color blending into the next. Color science as a field of study is fascinating…..but in kids’ rooms, a basic understanding of color schemes and how they work is all you need when your daughter says she wants a sunny yellow […]

Nov 142012
Artistically Painted Tween Headboards

Historically, the main purpose of a headboard was to keep drafts from flowing over the sleeper’s head, sending cold air to the floor instead. Not the main purpose today. Thanks to better insulated rooms, headboards are aesthetic additions to a room…..but who says they have to be boring! Artistically painted tween headboards are a superb […]

Nov 052012
Series: Use Accessories to Create Kid's Room Theme

Is there a way to create a themed room without replacing key furniture pieces, floor coverings and wall finishes…..and without locking a kid’s room into a look they will outgrow quickly? Glad you asked. Yes there is a simple way……just use accessories to create a kid’s room theme. Accessories provide a great opportunity to make […]

Sep 192012
Using Color to Divide Kids' Rooms

This colorful kids’ room photo has been in circulation for several years but when I think of a kid’s room literally divided by color, this photo comes to mind. Take a room, divide in half, and paint two different colors. Simple way to solve a shared space problem. There are several other ways (I’ll touch […]

Jun 052012
Vacation from Blogging: Day 2 {Sit and Talk}

  Quaint little vintage seat, comfortable pillows, sunshine and flowers are a good reminder to sit and talk while on vacation. That’s when memories are made. I wonder who might have used this furniture to visit with friends and family, sharing stories with lots of love and laughter. This little seat would look great in […]