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Apr 242014
More Kids' Relaxing Reading Areas

Buried in a book. Sounds horrible to some kids. Others love the idea. Kids who love to read can read anywhere! Enticing non-book-lovers to read requires a lot more than handing them a new book. Did you see my earlier post Relaxing Reading Areas for Kids? Well, this post gives you more. Not just more […]

Sep 172013
Kids' Cozy Corners for Reading

Remember rainy days from your childhood when you would curl up in a corner with a good book and slip away to far distant lands? Having a cozy corner for reading can make all the difference in your kids developing a life-long love of reading. Be it a tucked-away window seat, a sumptuously padded alcove, […]

Jul 092013
Creative Family Vacation Photo Displays

Did you pile the kids in the car and take a road trip this summer? Cross-country, to the mountains, or to the beach? Better yet, did you visit family along the way? If so, I am sure you took an abundance of photos. Don’t hide the disk in a drawer! Remember your trip all year […]

Jun 262013
USA Maps Trendy in Kids' Rooms

USA maps have always been popular kids’ room artwork. They are subtle, yet influential teaching tools providing a host of information, instilling love of country, and feeling of place in the world. I found a few favorites to share and show you what is popular…. Try a state license plate map…..framed poster or unframed real […]

Mar 122013
Unique Kids' Room Bookends {Letters}

Decorating with letters. Some love it. Some hate it. Some think it passé or trite. Maybe it is for adult spaces but kids are all about letters and using letters for kids’ room bookends can add a unique touch to their rooms. I’m one who wonders why we need giant letters adorning walls but letter […]

Oct 092012
Unique Kids' Room Bookends {Vintage}

How unique is that? Not sure just what type machine these parts would have fit but as vintage bookends in a kid’s room, they are amazing! Quite different from our previous post on animal bookends for youngsters, these vintage items make great supports for heavier books found in teen rooms. Besides being unique as well […]

Sep 252012
Top 5 Reasons to See Old Nauvoo's Pioneer Pastimes

It’s common knowledge that kids of all ages learn through play and hands-on is the best teaching method. Learning that’s fun is even better for long-term retention! Want your kids to learn a bit of American history? Try visiting Old Nauvoo’s Pioneer Pastimes where outdoor play is combined with pioneer games and activities enjoyed by […]

Sep 182012
More Recycling Ideas for Kids' Blue Jeans {Quilts}

There was a point in time when kids’ came home with holes in their blue jeans that I would roll my eyes in despair……but that was before I had the bright idea to recycle holey jeans into quilts. My first quilt was definitely not my best. I cut squares, serged the edges, and stitched together […]

Sep 112012
Upholstered Rockers for Baby's Nursery

The classic hardwood rocking chair has been a nursery favorite for generations, but the hard seat has evolved over the last few decades. Now cushy, padded upholstered rockers make rocking even more comfortable for mom and baby. Knowing you will spend countless hours rocking your baby while feeding, cuddling, (and even catching a quick catnap) […]

Aug 282012
Unique Kids' Room Bookends {Animals}

  Do your kids love to read? If so, you probably have books stacked on the dresser, piled on the floor, or overflowing in a basket. Kinda hard to keep a kid’s room library organized that way. To encourage both reading and organization at the same time, try using bookends……and the more unique, the more […]