Toddler Rooms

KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering interior design ideas for toddler rooms.

Sep 152014
It's the Little Things {Swinging Monkey}

Another really great idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. If you have forgotten or don’t know what’s important about little things in kids’ room design, read my first “Little Things” post about the painted mouse door, then come back here and this will make more sense. This all white room? It’s a cute […]

Sep 102014
PreSchooler's Bedroom Desk Ideas

They’re cute as ever, going out the door with a backpack bigger than their little body. They are all smiles and excitement at being “big” enough to go to school…..pre-school that is. Want a good way to capture that excitement and turn it into good study habits? Find an area in your preschooler’s bedroom and […]

Sep 092014
Ideas for Teaching Toddlers the ABC's Using Bedroom Artwork

Learning to read begins with something as simple as learning the ABC’s. Most preschooler’s know their ABC’s by the time they are three years old. But when and how do you start teaching a kid to recognize the funny little shapes that added together properly comprise thoughts, ideas, and plans that move the world? Most […]

Jul 172014
From Tot to Teen......Girl's Room Sheer Bed Canopy

  What do you get with a hook, a hoop, and a whole lot of sheer fabric in girls’ rooms? A dreamy bed canopy reminiscent of bygone days. In the 1800’s, yards of fabric cascading down around the bed were used for protection from flying pests when windows were left open to provide airflow. The […]

May 292014
8 Ultra Cool Toddler Rocking Toys

Toddlers are attached to their rooms and their stuff. Just try to take something away and you will see what I mean! Provide your toddler with a rocking toy like one of these and they will definitely become attached… well as rock to their heart’s content. Here are 8 ultra cool rocking toys….from animals to […]

May 152014
Toddler Rooms: Ways to Use Adorable Stuffed Animals

Some ideas are just so cute you want to squeeze them—like the ways to use adorable stuffed animals in toddler rooms that I found. Ok, so you may not be able to squeeze an idea, but the bears are squeezable! I already discussed IN and ON for displaying stuffed animals, now it’s time for a […]

May 142014
Star Studded Toddler Rooms

When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you. This sweet little verse evokes a magical feeling whenever spoken or put to music. Hope for the future and dreams come true may be beyond a toddler’s little world but stars in all their hopeful […]

May 102014
Relaxing Reading Areas for Toddlers

The title for part-3 of the Toddler Room Idea Series may be a little misleading. Toddlers don’t read and usually if they are sitting quietly, they’re asleep…..or into something. The “relaxing” part is for parents and reading areas are safe places for little ones to play at reading. Components for toddler reading areas are a […]

May 092014
Toddler Room Super Storage Ideas

Continuing with the toddler room idea series, it’s time to take on storage…..super storage, toddler style. Which means what, you ask? To be considered “super”, it needs to meet at least 3 of the 4 following criteria: accessible, adaptable, organized, and controlled. Meaning it’s easy for toddlers to access (safely) and adapts to any room. […]

May 072014
Perfect Toddler Room Play Areas

Trying something a little different with this post. In the series intro, I said I would show ways to design play areas that were safe, secure, and sized to toddler bodies. So, instead of showing pretty photos of dazzling rooms that make you drool, I will explain why each photo meets (or doesn’t meet) the […]