Thursday: Design Basics

How to use basic design elements to create fabulous kidspaces, plus tips for maintenance and care of kidspace materials.

Aug 152013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials

Pattern. A repeated decorative design; the arrangement of forms or designs to create an orderly whole. Pattern. It has visible presence. You see it everywhere. It can be printed, woven, or created. You see it on upholstery, bedding, flooring, wall coverings, and window treatments. It really is found everywhere. Pattern. It is a wonderful design […]

Apr 112013
Kids' Room Color Essentials

“Among all the aspects of interior design, color is one of the most important—perhaps the most important element.” John Pile True statement…..especially as it applies to kids’ rooms. Children are naturally drawn to color and from an early age can have an unwavering favorite color preference. Color alone can accomplish many design objectives in a […]

Mar 142013
Choosing Upholstery for Kids' Rooms

“Practical as it is pretty”. That’s what you need to keep in mind when choosing upholstery for kids’ rooms and upholstered furniture can be both. Keep it Practical From a simple thin pad attached to a hard surface to complex construction delivering ultra comfort, upholstery offers a wide range of choices. For kids’ room use, […]

Jan 032013
Kids' Room Furniture Essentials {Materials}

Since the visual character of a room is largely derived from furniture, proper selection is key. Do you know what to look for when choosing furniture for your kids? There are three essential parts to selecting kids’ room furniture—functionality, structure and materials, and design aesthetics. The next few months, our design basics will cover Kids’ […]

Nov 192012
Woodwork on Kids' Room Ceilings

Long before plaster and gypsum, there was wood….so woodwork on kids’ room ceilings is really nothing new. Because it was used more often a few generations back, many have not experienced the warmth, unique style, and comfortable look wood adds to a room. Improving space overhead with wood can take a kid’s room design to […]

Nov 012012
Papering Ideas for Kids' Room Ceilings

There is only one place in kids’ rooms that is safe from handprints, dirt, markers, and crayons….the ceiling, and it is the perfect place to add (wall)paper! So far in the kids’ room ceiling essentials I covered color, murals, and paint. Now it’s time for papering ideas for kids’ room ceilings. Some of the same […]

Oct 182012
Painted Perfection on Kids' Room Ceilings

Taking a ceiling from dull to dramatic can be accomplished so many different ways. Using color and murals on kids’ room ceilings has already been covered and both methods use paint…..but painted perfection on kids’ room ceilings ramps up the excitement a bit more! I can hear you asking, “Just what does “painted perfection mean?” […]

Sep 132012
Kids' Room Ceiling Essentials

Here’s a design riddle for you: What’s the first thing kids see in the morning upon waking and the last thing they see before falling asleep at night? Answer: The ceiling. And most ceilings receive ho-hum treatment if they receive any attention at all. Pretty uninspiring way for kids to start and end the day. […]

Aug 302012
Kids' Rooms: Markers, Maps, and Legos on Walls

The last few months, our Thursday: Design Basics covered ordinary wall covering materials and techniques. This last post? Let’s say markers, maps, and Legos don’t “stay between the lines” but do provide some unique kids’ room walls. via Aimee Weaver Sheet music, recipes, fiction, dictionaries, poetry just to name a few….and a great way to […]

Aug 162012
Flashy Ways to Use Fabric on Kids' Room Walls

Fabric wall covering used in public buildings most often goes unnoticed, generally in place for sound control, not design impact. Not so in kids’ rooms! Fabric wall covering is a flashy way to dress a kid’s room wall for a dramatic effect and is a quick, easy option for drastically changing a room Benefits Wide […]