Teen Rooms

KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering interior design ideas for teen rooms.

Jun 252014
Awesome Coastal Teen Rooms

Coastal Casual. It’s a popular style that comfortably fits every age group in the family. Baby and toddler rooms are relaxing. Kids’ rooms are fun…..but coastal teen rooms are awesome! Teen rooms feel like the ocean is at your doorstep ready for you to hit the waves with a surfboard or set sail for the […]

Apr 302014
Using a Patterned Rug to Establish Teen Room Design

Area rugs are excellent additions to teen rooms for many reasons—such as changing room personality, adding a sound buffer, or dividing territory in shared spaces, but my favorite use is establishing room design, style, or theme. Check out the images below to see how different rug patterns reinforce different design messages.   ———- ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ———- […]

Apr 222014
It's the Little Things {Teen Shoe Boxes}

Another really great idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. Does your teen girl have a closet or bedroom corner for flinging shoes (a.k.a. “storage”). Have a problem solver that made the little things list……shoeboxes. Now these aren’t your everyday boring brought-from-the-store-shoeboxes-when-she-bought-the-shoes. These are worthy of teen room accessory display. These stacking storage boxes […]

Apr 162014
10 Awesome Sports Theme Teen Rooms

Sports. Parents watch. Kids play…..and for teens, it’s far more than something to do after school. It’s confidence-building, teamwork-fostering, physique-strengthening, and memory-making. Creating a sports theme bedroom for your teen has greater meaning, especially when a kid’s heart and soul is invested in their favorite game. Capture the energy, excitement, and love of competition by […]

Apr 042014
Teen Girl's Room Accessory Storage Ideas

As I mentioned in the series intro, teen girls have more gear than infants….even with all the ruffled socks, tiny shoes, and stretchy headbands babies have, teen girls still have more stuff. With hats, scarves, jewelry, and bags (and we’re not talking just outerwear), girls’ heads, necks, and arms are accessory magnets. Adequate accessory storage […]

Apr 032014
Teen Girl's Room Vintage Vanities

In generations past, the bathroom was for bathing and general hygiene. Today’s bathrooms often double as dressing and makeup areas, especially when teen girls are part of the household. Bathroom getting too crowded or wait times too long? Send your teen girls back to the bedroom for dressing the way her great-grandmothers did and supply […]

Apr 012014
Unique Teen Girl's Room Nightstands

The Nightstand. The place where important items are retrieved first thing in the morning or deposited last thing at night. Standard nightstands have drawers below the tabletop. Nice…..and practical. But nicer…..and unique is thinking outside the box, especially in a teen girl’s room. Bedside tables generally have two main components—a flat top surface and storage […]

Mar 312014
Teen Girl's Room Idea Series

Heard this truism before? “A place for everything and everything in its place.” If you think your baby girl has lots of gear, just wait until she becomes a teenager. Teens have more stuff….and it’s bigger. To make it all that stuff fit, your teen girl’s room will need specialized storage. That’s where this series […]

Mar 262014
More Boys' Baseball Themed Rooms

Baseball season and spring fever are natural companions. As soon as the weather starts warming, baseball mitts come out of storage and kids everywhere hit the diamond. In the lower USA, spring training is coming to an end and MLB season is about to begin. Little league teams have formed and started practice. Yep. Spring […]