Study Areas

Ideas for creating kids study areas using small spaces or whole rooms. Tips by KidSpace Interiors designer Jeanette Simpson.

Sep 182014
Shared Room Study Desk Ideas

Sharing a room is good for kids. It fosters closeness between siblings and helps develop social skills. Each kid needs a place to sleep and play, a place to store their personal stuff…..and sometimes, a place to study. When two (or more) kids are housed in one room, space can get a little tight and […]

Sep 102014
PreSchooler's Bedroom Desk Ideas

They’re cute as ever, going out the door with a backpack bigger than their little body. They are all smiles and excitement at being “big” enough to go to school…..pre-school that is. Want a good way to capture that excitement and turn it into good study habits? Find an area in your preschooler’s bedroom and […]

Aug 212014
Boys' Bedroom Study Desk Ideas

Having had both boys and girls, I can tell you from experience that boys are low-maintenance when it comes to bedrooms……and study desks are even less than low on the totem pole. Boys only require three things when studying: 1) a place to sit, 2) a place to write, and 3) a place to put […]

Aug 132014
Girl's Bedroom Study Desk Ideas

School’s back in session and homework is just around the corner…..which means you might just need a few ideas for home study centers. So, the next three weeks, I will be posting back-to-school kids’ rooms and home school room design tips. But first, check out an earlier series posted about Creating Kids’ Home Study Centers […]

Jan 272014
Book Lovers Unique "Library" Staircases

I love a beautiful staircase. Jaw-dropping staircases that gracefully wind out of sight stop me in my tracks. I have to examine and admire before ascending then do so with a big smile on my face. But these three staircases? With my love of books, I would be stopping every step to check out the […]

Oct 022013
Kids' Room Loft Beds and Study Areas Below

Kids’ room loft beds are the most versatile space savers ever designed. They maximize floor space almost giving you another room within a room. Kids love climbing on top to sleep. Parents love the space below….perfect for a home study area. The loft bed to the left has always been a favorite of mine. It […]

Oct 012013
Series: Below Lofty Sleeping in Kids' Rooms

Bunk beds are perfect for small rooms and multiple kids. But what about a small room with just one kid? Next best idea—a loft bed. Loft beds are bunks minus the bed below. Lifting the bed up high and off the floor frees up floor space virtually giving you another room within a room…..and that’s […]

Aug 092013
Home School Places to Study

Learning doesn’t just happen while sitting at a desk…..but a desk can be one of the best places to study. Sure kids like to study while sitting on their beds, but when you’re trying to create a structured home schoolroom, the bed just doesn’t work. Home schools have an advantage—you can add a little panache […]

Aug 082013
Home School Room Storage Ideas

Adequate storage is a continual challenge for families just for regular kidstuff but what happens when you add a home schoolroom to the mix? Overwhelm…..unless you implement some great storage ideas for your home school room. The right kind of storage gets you organized, which does a couple of things—helps you avoid wasting time constantly […]