Storage ideas for kids’ rooms to maximize space and reduce clutter, using all types of containers, for all ages, and all rooms used by kids.

May 282014
The "No Closet" Kids' Room Closet {Part-3}

No closet? No problem. Already covered in the “No Closet” Kids’ Room Closet Part-1 and Part-2 but guess what? Found more really sweet ideas that solve the room-without-a-closet-dilemma. We love our closets with doors to hide unorganized messes but when everything is in the open, it’s a different thing altogether. The greatest challenge to keeping […]

May 092014
Toddler Room Super Storage Ideas

Continuing with the toddler room idea series, it’s time to take on storage…..super storage, toddler style. Which means what, you ask? To be considered “super”, it needs to meet at least 3 of the 4 following criteria: accessible, adaptable, organized, and controlled. Meaning it’s easy for toddlers to access (safely) and adapts to any room. […]

May 062014
Toddler Room Idea Series

Neither here nor there. That’s what toddlers are… longer babies but not kids yet. Your precious baby has turned into a small person who is mobile but not aware of dangers, always on the move… fast as possible, and hardwired to explore It’s the combination of the mobility, speed, and curiosity that challenges parents. Thankfully […]

Apr 042014
Teen Girl's Room Accessory Storage Ideas

As I mentioned in the series intro, teen girls have more gear than infants….even with all the ruffled socks, tiny shoes, and stretchy headbands babies have, teen girls still have more stuff. With hats, scarves, jewelry, and bags (and we’re not talking just outerwear), girls’ heads, necks, and arms are accessory magnets. Adequate accessory storage […]

Mar 312014
Teen Girl's Room Idea Series

Heard this truism before? “A place for everything and everything in its place.” If you think your baby girl has lots of gear, just wait until she becomes a teenager. Teens have more stuff….and it’s bigger. To make it all that stuff fit, your teen girl’s room will need specialized storage. That’s where this series […]

Mar 192014
Recycling Vintage File Cabinets in Kids' Rooms

Once upon a time paper was used for everything. Notes. Letters. Invoices. Receipts. There was so much paper that is started spilling out everywhere. Then someone invented file cabinets. Each cabinet contained multiple drawers for organizing a multiplicity of paper in all sizes, for all purposes. Then computers came along. File cabinets became obsolete. Thrift […]

Mar 172014
Using Vintage Lockers in Boys' Rooms

Warmth. My first thought when I spotted this set of vintage lockers. Something about vintage wood that adds a touch of warmth to any room. Perfect for boys’ rooms. That was my second thought. I have always loved using lockers for storage of sports equipment but cold, metal lockers were too noisy to be used […]

Mar 052014
Teach Kids Family History Using Heirloom Hats

“Use a hat to teach kids about family history? You’re kidding me, right?” I am sure that’s what you said when you read the title….and yes, that’s right. You can teach kids family history using heirloom hats. Hats tell a story of an era, a hobby, an occupation, a political affiliation, or a personality. Hats […]

Feb 072014
Baby Nursery Decor Series: Elegant Storage Cabinets

Armoire: a wardrobe or movable cabinet, typically one that is ornate or antique. Or, in other words—an elegant storage cabinet. If your baby nursery décor is lacking direction and you need a little design style, think “elegance”…..and it’s easily achieved by adding the right storage cabinet. But when you think “elegance”, don’t confuse it with […]

Feb 062014
Baby Nursery Decor Series: Hooks + Shelves + Rods

Accessorizing a baby nursery is the final step in completing room design. All the furniture is in place. Cute little toys, clothing, and baby stuff has arrived en mass……and more storage is needed. Before turning to more drawers, cabinets, and closets, why not try hooks, rods, and shelves? A wall mounted shelf with hooks or […]