Small Spaces

KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering interior design ideas for fitting kids into small spaces in your home.

Sep 182014
Shared Room Study Desk Ideas

Sharing a room is good for kids. It fosters closeness between siblings and helps develop social skills. Each kid needs a place to sleep and play, a place to store their personal stuff…..and sometimes, a place to study. When two (or more) kids are housed in one room, space can get a little tight and […]

Feb 122014
Small Space Nursery Ideas

Preparing for baby’s arrival is an exciting time for families and often includes trying to fit baby’s little universe into the smallest room in the house. To make everything fit without creating clutter requires small space nursery ideas or guidelines. Guidelines for maximizing small spaces is basically the same for any room in the house, […]

Jan 202014
Kids' Bedroom Round Reading Area

Today’s geometry lesson: Take one kid’s bedroom wall. Fill with a random, yet balanced group of lines and circles. Make one circle large enough to hold a pint-size body. What do you get? The perfect reading area (and lots of extra storage!). Look at the biggest circle in the group. To an adult, even with […]

Dec 042013
Kids' Rooms: Under the Rafters

Can you think of three ways to describe a kid’s room under the rafters? Awkwardly shaped walls, hard to reach corners, and lower than normal ceilings. Right answer……if you’re an adult. Here’s a kid’s take on rooms under the rafters—ultra cool hideaway, dream room, and perfect play place. Kids love awkward shapes and the more […]

Nov 182013
Kids' Storybook Cottage Under-Stairs Playhouse

Found an ingenious idea for utilizing that odd-shaped under-stairs space found in so many homes with basements……a storybook cottage playhouse. It’s the simplicity of the idea plus an efficient use of space that makes the whole idea so ingenious. The cobbled stone cottage mural creating a storybook entrance is by Utah mural artist, Billy Hensler. […]

Oct 162013
Kids' Small Room Design Ideas

A few months ago I posted Making Small Rooms Feel Big covering design basics used in, well, making a small room feel bigger than reality. Some of the tips were space savers; some just created the illusion of larger space. This post will take it one step further with terrific and trendy ideas for kids’ […]

Feb 192013
Making Small Rooms Feel Big

Kids’ rooms are usually quite small, full of stuff, and often house more than one sibling. Need a bigger space but no room to expand? When you can’t enlarge a room, there are several subtle but helpful design tricks to help you make small rooms feel big. Pattern and Texture Pattern can help visually alter […]

Feb 072013
Other Uses for Kids' Room Closets

Depending on the size of the kid and the size of their closet, kids’ room closets can often be tagged for other uses. Kids love hideaways, whether under the eaves, under the stairs, or even under the table. Hideaways bring the world down to kid-size for just a little while. Make their closet more than […]

Feb 052013
The "No Closet" Kids' Room Closet

No Closet in the kids’ room? No problem. All you need is the “no closet” closet. What is a closet anyway? It’s a small room within a room that is full of stuff. What we like best about a closet is the door….because it hides our unorganized stuff. Your grandparents didn’t have closets. Prior to […]

Feb 042013
Series: Maximizing Kids' Room Closets

Kids’ rooms are often the smallest in the house. Add to that the staggering amount of stuff they accumulate plus closets designed for adult use and out-of-control clutter becomes an issue. How can you maximize space in the smallest room when there’s no closet, the closet is an unorganized hole in the wall, or you […]