KidSpace Stuff blog monthly theme introduced the first Monday each month followed by a series of 3-4 posts..

Jul 072014
Series: Cool Summer KidSpaces

Not all of your kids’ best summer vacation memories are from trips somewhere. Sometimes the best memories of summer are backyard fun with the coolest of homegrown kidspaces. Remember your childhood when all you needed was a cool place to bunk with cousins or siblings, a kid-sized house to play in, or a play area […]

Jun 042014
Cool Coastal Bunk Rooms

While on vacation at the beach house, sleeping is reduced to the minimum time needed. Who wants to sleep the day away when the surf, sand, and sun are calling? A cool bunk room will most likely changing sleep-time to conversation-time as beds are circled making lively laughter part of the memory making. Adding coastal […]

Jun 032014
Kid Friendly Coastal Rooms Series

Cool blue. Alluring aqua. Washed-out white. Add sun, sand, and surf to that and what do you have? The beach. You know, that place families love to gather for relaxation each summer. Have a vacation beach house you go to each summer…..or better yet, live everyday near the beach? Then this series is for you. […]

May 062014
Toddler Room Idea Series

Neither here nor there. That’s what toddlers are… longer babies but not kids yet. Your precious baby has turned into a small person who is mobile but not aware of dangers, always on the move… fast as possible, and hardwired to explore It’s the combination of the mobility, speed, and curiosity that challenges parents. Thankfully […]

Mar 312014
Teen Girl's Room Idea Series

Heard this truism before? “A place for everything and everything in its place.” If you think your baby girl has lots of gear, just wait until she becomes a teenager. Teens have more stuff….and it’s bigger. To make it all that stuff fit, your teen girl’s room will need specialized storage. That’s where this series […]

Feb 032014
Baby Nursery Decor Series {3}

Beautiful. Peaceful. Practical. That’s what a baby nursery should be….a beautiful room for peaceful moments with baby. Practical? Yes. Organized storage with a place for everything contributes to both the beautiful and peaceful aspects. The first two baby nursery décor series covered cribs, bedding, closets, walls, and artwork (here) and baby photos, changing tables, and […]

Jan 062014
Kids' Room Storage Solutions Series {2}

Do you have kids? Then you have it. Kidstuff sprawl. Talked about this in the 1st series dedicated to kids’ room storage solutions. Thought it might be time to tackle the problem again. You see, kidstuff sprawl doesn’t really go away until they move out, get married, and start their own family. Then they get […]

Dec 022013
Kids' Room "Under" Series

With a nod to our friends from “down under” (who have such fabulous kids’ room design ideas!), our next series will cover spaces kids love and parents dread…..”under”. Under what you ask?? We all know the littlest among us have a penchant for getting under things—chairs, tables, beds—that fit their pint-sized bodies. They love small […]

Nov 042013
Series: Use Accessories to Create Kids' Room Theme {2}

Accessories for kids’ rooms are more than just toys. They are tools to stimulate a young mind while adding play value, character, and whimsy to a room. Using accessories, you can create a room theme in minutes that is easily changed when outgrown. Take advantage of childhood interests and favorites and give them something to […]

Aug 062013
Home School Room Series

The term “home school room” has different meanings for each family who chooses to teach their kids at home. It can mean an entire room or a corner of a room, depending on the number and age of students involved. Whether large home or small, one kid to teach or multiple, properly setting up and […]