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Sep 052012
Essentials of a Kid Friendly Home

Here’s your quiz for the day. (Like parents don’t get enough questions all day long!) What is the difference between kids’ rooms and a “kid friendly home”? Kids’ Room: Bedroom, bathroom, or playroom specifically designed with childlike details to fill kids’ needs and fit kid-sized bodies. Kid Friendly Home: Livable rooms designed for wear and […]

Apr 232012
News: Young America adds New Safety Feature to Kids' Furniture

There are four characteristics I look for in any supplier whose products I purchase or recommend to clients: product quality, great customer service, made in USA, and attention to safety. Young America is a favorite because they meet all four qualifications. At the Spring High Point Market (going on now), Young America debuted yet another […]

Apr 202012
News: Window Safety and Toddler Rooms

  Just a gentle reminder to parents of toddlers. Even if you teach toddlers to stay away from windows, accidents can happen quickly. As temperatures warm up (or cool down depending where you’re located) and you open windows to permit fresh air, remember safety first. April 1st thru 7th was National Window Safety Week in […]

Mar 232012
News: Safety Straps and Toppling Furniture

My daily email includes Google alerts on children’s furniture topics and lately I have noticed an increase in one particular topic… getting hurt by toppling furniture. Kids’ injuries are heartbreaking but it is even worse knowing an injury, or even a death, could have been prevented by installing safety straps. Here are a few of […]

Jan 132012
News: Lead Paint Problems Resurfacing

Came across this article in USA Today about lead paint problems resurfacing, this time from the government considering a change in the lead poisoning levels affecting children. Read the USA Today article then check the age of your house. Might need some attention to protect your kids. “Your home’s age important for child lead exposure” […]

Oct 282011
October Guest Post on Modern Molly Mormon

(Here is a link to my latest guest blog post from 27 October 2011) Safety in Baby, Toddler, and Kid’s Bedrooms Each year hospital emergency rooms treat thousands of children injured in household accidents, many of which could have been avoided. While safety is important at all ages, following a few basic guidelines can help […]

Oct 262011
Kids, Tweens, and Teens Bedroom Safety

The 24/7 safety patrol may stop when the toddler stage ends, but safety is still important in kids, tweens, and teens bedrooms (yes….teens too). Different ages means different focus on safety measures. From reducing fire hazards to accidents, take precautions to ensure their rooms are safe. Here are a few general and age specific guidelines. […]

Oct 252011
Keeping Computers Safe from Toddlers {Reader Request}

Ah, toddlers. Attracted to flashing lights, love pushing buttons, have short memories, and like to test parents. They hear you say no, but try again, looking directly at you to be sure you really meant ‘no’. Oh, computers. Have flashing lights, lots of buttons, long memories, and shut down in chaos. They operate best with […]

Oct 192011
Safety in Toddler Bedrooms

The dictionary says a toddler is “a young child who is just beginning to walk” but any parent knows that is only the beginning of trouble! When babies become mobile toddlers, parents go on 24/7 safety patrol. Nursery and crib safety evolves into toddler bedroom (and whole house) safety. Is there that much difference in […]

Oct 122011
Safety Around Where Baby Sleeps

Getting a crib that meets current safety standards is only the beginning of safety in the nursery. The area around where baby sleeps must also be secured from possible hazards, inside and outside the crib. Parents should frequently look around the nursery as the little one begins to grow because decorations once deemed harmless can […]