KidSpace Stuff blog posts on recycling everything from furniture to lighting to accessories to finishes and how to use in kids’ rooms.

Jul 282014
Broken Pot becomes Kids' Mini Garden

Need something for the kids to do? Here’s an activity they will not only remember but will learn a few skills, some patience, and appreciation for nature all at the same time. Broken Pot Gardens. I thought this was a pretty unique idea when I unearthed this photo, but as I did a little more […]

Mar 212014
Recycling Vintage File Drawers for Teen Room Accessories

It is amazing to me how quickly objects we use everyday become obsolete. Do you remember library card catalogs? I’m not talking library catalog accessed on the computer. I mean real paper cards inside multiple little file drawers. Library card catalog drawers have now become part of history and probably something you and your kids […]

Apr 022013
Kids' Bedrooms: Modernizing Old Rooms

Carved wooden balustrades, embossed metal window latches, odd shaped windows, and interior brick walls…..just a few distinctive examples of craftsmanship found in old buildings. That’s the fun part of old homes. The not so fun part is lack of modern conveniences—closets, HVAC, and finished walls—we take for granted. So, if you have an older home, […]

Mar 192013
Storing Costumes for Kids' Pretend Play

Dressing up and pretending to be someone else is often a big part of a preschooler’s day. From frilly frocks to firemen fit out, getting gussied up is super fun for kids! Storing all those costumes for kids’ pretend play is the fun part for parents, especially when you have some really creative ways to […]

Mar 182013
Awesome Re-use of Old Glass in Kids' Bathrooms

Have you seen the awesome way old glass can be re-used in kids’ bathrooms? Thanks to recycling efforts, used glass bottles can be made into beautiful countertops for bathrooms (and kitchens too…..but that’s beyond our topic here.) Why use it? All the benefits you would ever want to keep a kids’ bathroom counter looking great….and […]

Mar 072013
New Use, Old Ladder.....A Unique Kids' Room Accessory

New uses….old ladders. There are a zillion ways to repurpose a rickety ladder, some very clever, but as a kids’ room accessory ladders are pretty unique. Using ladders in kids’ rooms is a little more challenging than other rooms. Kids think all ladders are for climbing….and it doesn’t matter what it reaches or where it […]

Mar 062013
Ideas to Reuse Shutters in Kids' Rooms

Reusing shutters in kids’ rooms is much like using reclaimed doors covered in the previous post of this series. The biggest difference is size. Doors are generally large but shutter sizes are as varied as window sizes…..small to wall size. Need a few ideas on how to reuse old shutters in kids’ rooms? Take a […]

Mar 052013
Using Reclaimed Doors in Kids' Rooms

Not all repurposing projects are as elaborate as the door-turned-table shown above. Can be if you have the know-how…..but doesn’t have to be. Actually using reclaimed doors in kids’ rooms can be quite simple but there are a few points to keep in mind: Make sure the door is sturdy and won’t fall apart in […]

Mar 042013
Series: Repurposed for Kids' Room Use

What has been used for going in and out or going up and down but now has a new use? Doors, shutters, and ladders….and all three can be repurposed for kids’ room use. Salvage store shopping, garage sale grazing, or dumpster diving can all yield fabulous finds of materials that are too good to end […]

Nov 202012
More Recycling Ideas for Kids' Blue Jeans {Seats}

One more way to recycle your kids’ blue jeans—this time for sitting ON jeans while at the same time wearing jeans.  Hmmm….for denim lovers, that sounds like double comfort! Blue jean seats can be anything from upholstered wing back chairs to slipcovered dining chairs to wood or metal frame side chairs. It can also be […]