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May 072014
Perfect Toddler Room Play Areas

Trying something a little different with this post. In the series intro, I said I would show ways to design play areas that were safe, secure, and sized to toddler bodies. So, instead of showing pretty photos of dazzling rooms that make you drool, I will explain why each photo meets (or doesn’t meet) the […]

May 012014
Sweet and Cozy Playroom Teepees

  Have you ever noticed how smaller kids gravitate toward scaled down spaces? Small nooks and crannies are just more appealing than big open rooms. Teepees are fun lovin’ portable play resorts that provide those sweet and cozy nooks and crannies that are perfect for pint-sized people. Teepees can be DIY or purchased ready to […]

Dec 062013
Kids' Rooms: Under the Stairs

The 3rd of the Kids’ Room “Under” Series is under the stairs. While technically not a kid’s room, that awkward space below the risers is ideal for kids. Here are several ultra-cool and downright awesome kidspaces. (Above) What better place to daydream than peering out a uniquely shaped window situated under the stairs when kids […]

Nov 182013
Kids' Storybook Cottage Under-Stairs Playhouse

Found an ingenious idea for utilizing that odd-shaped under-stairs space found in so many homes with basements……a storybook cottage playhouse. It’s the simplicity of the idea plus an efficient use of space that makes the whole idea so ingenious. The cobbled stone cottage mural creating a storybook entrance is by Utah mural artist, Billy Hensler. […]

Oct 292013
Indoor Games on Playroom Floors

If Dorothy S. Andersen had written wintertime verses to her children’s song, she might have said something like this……. What do kids do in the wintertime When it’s too cold to play outside? Do they sit on the floor and try hard to score, Playing games with their friends near by? Is that what they […]

Oct 212013
It's the Little Things {Cabinet Door City}

Another really cute idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. The sight of this little cityscape put a big smile on my face. Actually this little thing made me giddy with excitement, wanting to go in the room and open the cabinet doors! Someone took the normally blah-blah-blah cabinet doors and added endearing enchantment. […]

Oct 042013
Super Play Areas Below Kids' Room Loft Beds

When you raise a bed up high enough for kids to play under, it becomes a miniature world for young imaginations. The space below lofty sleeping is the perfect place for play. Actually it’s a super play area. Small kids love to crawl inside quirky places and hideaways. Areas below loft beds provide both, also […]

Oct 012013
Series: Below Lofty Sleeping in Kids' Rooms

Bunk beds are perfect for small rooms and multiple kids. But what about a small room with just one kid? Next best idea—a loft bed. Loft beds are bunks minus the bed below. Lifting the bed up high and off the floor frees up floor space virtually giving you another room within a room…..and that’s […]

Apr 042013
Kids' Playrooms: Uniquely Modern, Old Room

So far in our Series: Modernizing Old Buildings + Kids’ Rooms we have covered bedrooms and bathrooms. So what if you have an old home, love modern stuff, AND need a kids’ playroom? Just how do you make an “old room uniquely modern” for a play place? There is a way…… First, buy or move […]

Apr 012013
Series: Modernized Old Buildings + Kids' Rooms

The majority of the world lives in “old buildings” meaning housing at least 50 years old. Some have outstanding architectural elements. Some just create challenges for day-to-day living…..especially in houses full of kids. It is possible to preserve historic accuracy in houses with a long history but still create modern living quarters. The Series: Modernized […]