Pattern and Texture

Jun 112014
Beachy Blue Striped Kids' Rooms

Stripes are an ideal beginning to beachy kids’ room decor, especially in varying shades of blue mixed with white. Why? Two reasons—blue represents both sea and sky, and white is the hallmark of coastal interiors. Coastal interiors often blur the line between indoors and outdoors which is part of the magic in beach theme rooms. […]

Apr 302014
Using a Patterned Rug to Establish Teen Room Design

Area rugs are excellent additions to teen rooms for many reasons—such as changing room personality, adding a sound buffer, or dividing territory in shared spaces, but my favorite use is establishing room design, style, or theme. Check out the images below to see how different rug patterns reinforce different design messages.   ———- ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ———- […]

Dec 122013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials {Combinations}

Another post in the kids’ room pattern essentials series with the 5th of 5 basic pattern shapes—combinations. Combinations use two or more patterns—floral, geometric, check, or stripe—together in one element. They are most often found in textiles such as bedding and area rugs but can also be found in carpeting, upholstery, and wallcoverings. To make […]

Nov 212013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials {Stripes}

So far, I have covered florals, geometrics, and checks in the Kids’ Room Pattern Essentials series. This post covers the 4th of the 5 basic pattern shapes—stripes. Less complicated to use than other shapes, stripes are simply just horizontal or vertical lines…..but it is how they are used, subtle or apparent, that creates impact in […]

Nov 202013
Using Darling Diamonds in Kids' Rooms

  How about a little math refresher….do you know what a rhombus is? Think back to geometry class or even basic shapes covered in elementary school. A rhombus is a parallelogram with four equal sides and opposite angles are equal sizes. When turned on it’s point and used in kids’ room, we just simply call […]

Nov 142013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials {Checks}

This post is about the 3rd of 5 basic pattern shapes in the Kids’ Room Pattern Essentials Series—crossed horizontal and vertical lines that form squares, more commonly know as checks. Most people think gingham when they think of checked patterns. Gingham is a plain, woven fabric with white and one other color, like shown in […]

Nov 132013
The Argyle How-to for Kids' Rooms

Can you name a pattern that gives you a totally different look and feel simply by changing the color combination? Shape stays the same, only the color changes. If you looked at the post title, you already have the answer……the argyle. Composed of diamonds in various colors with an overlay of diagonal lines, the argyle […]

Oct 232013
Trendy Uses for the Chevron in Kids' Rooms

A line with abrupt alternate left and right turns. It’s one of the first patterns kids learn to draw. Called a zigzag…..but space it evenly, make the shape a continuously connected ‘V’ and you have the chevron, a popular, trendy pattern popping up in kids’ rooms. It can be one color alternating with bands of […]

Oct 182013
Kids' Rooms Pattern Essentials {Geometrics}

Another post in the kids’ room pattern essentials series with the 2nd of 5 basic pattern shapes—geometrics. You remember learning about and drawing these in school and it’s something your kids do on a daily basis. Squares. Rectangles. Circles. Triangles. Diamonds. Simple geometric shapes, often combined with connecting lines, come together to form a specific […]

Oct 172013
Kids' Room Plaid Pattern Popularity

Even though they’ve been around for hundreds of years (think Tartan) and most commonly used for clothing, plaids have hit their stride as a popular pattern for use in kids’ room decor. Do you know what makes a plaid a plaid? Here’s the textbook definition: Plaid – “A pattern consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical […]