Outdoor Play Areas

KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering design ideas for playhouses, forts, play yards and other outdoor spaces used by kids.

Jul 282014
Broken Pot becomes Kids' Mini Garden

Need something for the kids to do? Here’s an activity they will not only remember but will learn a few skills, some patience, and appreciation for nature all at the same time. Broken Pot Gardens. I thought this was a pretty unique idea when I unearthed this photo, but as I did a little more […]

Jul 102014
Kids' Backyard Garden Play Areas

When I was a kid, the biggest part of summertime was spent outside in the backyard, a neighbor’s or my own and the best backyards in the neighborhood had a variety of options for make-believe play. Trees were lookouts. Streams became mighty rivers. Gardens transformed into secret hideaways. It was endless summer fun. Kids need […]

Jul 092014
Super Sweet Girls' Backyard Playhouses

Tiny houses. That’s really what playhouses are…..to a parent. To a little girl, they are super sweet summer fun. And just ask any little girl—it’s the best backyard-place-to-be. Want to know what makes a girl’s playhouse super sweet? It’s the little things, the extra touches, the miniature, scaled down stuff mom has in her home. […]

Jul 072014
Series: Cool Summer KidSpaces

Not all of your kids’ best summer vacation memories are from trips somewhere. Sometimes the best memories of summer are backyard fun with the coolest of homegrown kidspaces. Remember your childhood when all you needed was a cool place to bunk with cousins or siblings, a kid-sized house to play in, or a play area […]

Dec 262013
Awesome Treehouse.....Cool Christmas Lights

Remember this tree house? It was included in Terrific Tree Houses for Family Backyard Fun in the backyard fun series. Here it is decorated for Christmas with more than 6000 lights. Amazing!! See more photos HERE of both exterior lights and interior decorations added just for the holidays. It is definitely a magical tree house.

Oct 072013
Luckey Climbers.....Coolest Play Areas Ever

Ever taken your kids to a playground with the connecting tubes that look like a giant hamster cage? You know, the ones the kids climb to the farthest reaches when you tell them it’s time to go? Here’s a new twist on climbers that are amazing, awesome kid-magnets…..but warning, the kids may never come down. […]

Jul 052013
Terrific Tree Houses for Family Backyard Fun

I have always had a thing for climbing trees. I have also loved miniature places for kids to play. No wonder Swiss Family Robinson tree house at Disneyworld is a childhood memory highlight. It’s a combination of the two! Can you name a kid who wouldn’t love to have a tree house? Terrific tree houses […]

Jul 032013
Oversize Games for Family Backyard Fun

Traditional board games labeled “bored” games by your family? Bet your family will change their tune when you take tradition to a new level with oversize games for the backyard. Nothing boring about games with giant pieces requiring two arms to move. Oversize games do require larger space making the backyard a perfect place for […]

Jul 022013
Lawn Games Create Family Backyard Fun

The weather is perfect….warm and comfortable with a slight breeze. Lawn is trimmed and beckoning. Can you see it? The perfect setting for family fun and backyard lawn games. Kids love to play games, especially ones that include the entire family. They also love playing outdoors so why not turn your backyard into game central? […]