Blog posts from KidSpace Interiors designer Jeanette Simpson on organic materials used in kids’ rooms, baby thru teen.

Mar 132012
Need an Eco-Friendly Kids' Room Stool? Try a Stump!

Understated but making a statement. This stool design idea typifies “less is more” is so many ways. Eco-friendly and perfect for kids’ rooms, why not try a stump when you need extra seating? Found these on 79 Ideas, one of my favorite blogs to read. Their obsession has created a ripple effect….I would love to […]

Mar 062012
Eco-Friendly Kids' Room Fabrics

The strong smell and burning eyes should have been a clue each time I entered the fabric store, but what did a 10-year old kid know about dyes and VOC’s? Nothing in the 70’s pointed to indoor air quality problems and effects on people. Times have changed. Parents are now learning the importance of Eco-friendly […]

Mar 052012
Organic vs. Sustainable vs. Green Kids' Rooms

Seems the focus on taking care of the environment is everywhere. Buzzwords like “carbon footprint”, “organic”, “sustainable”, “eco-friendly’, and “green” are bantered about in the media and stamped in prominent places on products. I’m sure you’ve heard them and even used a few….but how does it apply to your kids’ rooms? Interchangeable Terms, Yet Different […]

Mar 022012
Series: Green, Organic Kids' Rooms

Looking for healthier alternatives for everything from food to clothing to housing is no longer a fad… has become mainstream. Parents want healthy kids and healthy homes are an important part of the equation. From the air you breathe to places you live, work, and play, the market is stepping up to provide products that […]

Oct 132011
Bamboo Floors: Trendy, Sustainable, and Beautiful

What is harder than hardwood when made into boards but supremely soft when spun into fiber? You guessed it! Bamboo. Once a staple of British Colonial style, bamboo is now resurging as a modern floor covering. From traditional to tropical to contemporary styles, bamboo floors are trendy, sustainable, and a beautifully durable alternative to hardwood. […]

Aug 162011
Gotta Love These Biodegradable Beach Toys

Some days I go outside, look at the sky, feel the air, and just know……today is a perfect beach day. Nothing I love better than hitting the beach…..umbrella, chairs, sunscreen (a scent that turns my head every time and puts a smile on my face!), float….and beach toys. Saw these biodegradable beach toys on Babyccino […]