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Aug 032012
Letting Teens Redecorate Their Bedrooms {Opinion}

Kids grow up so fast. Turn around and before you know it, babies have become teens seeking autonomy, expressing individuality, and making decisions without parental help. Of course raising kids to become independent and productive members of society is your goal….but letting teens make big decisions can be scary. How do you find out if […]

Jul 132012
News: Too Much TV Affect on Kids

There have been thousands of studies on how TV affects kids, exploring both the advantages and disadvantages of screen time. While TV does have educational value and entertainment benefits, too much is detrimental. Some parents think limiting TV time is the key, but the answer is much more than mere moderation. In my research for […]

Jun 292012
For Moms of Large Families.....

  Just a quick smile on a busy day….. I love Family Circus comics …..so here is one for all you moms of large families who get strange looks and equally strange comments while out with all the kids. Isn’t multiplication great! Have a happy day with all that love!    

May 282012
Honoring Our Fallen on Memorial Day

Remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.   The Last Full Measure of Devotion In the long and honored history of America There are names that shine like beacons in the night The Patriots whose vision gave us meaning Who kept the lamp of freedom burning bright […]

Mar 162012
Thoughts on Green Design {Opinion}

As an interior designer, the green and sustainable movement has always perplexed me. I thought architects, contractors, designers, and others were already supposed to be thinking about making buildings “green”? I was taught to space plan floor layouts carefully….to place plumbing in different rooms back-to-back or as close together as possible to use less materials, […]

Feb 202012
News: Study Shows Preschoolers Spend Too Much Time on Sedentary Activities

When I started writing my blog, I promised on the About KidSpace Stuff page that I would not get on my soapbox too often. So far, I haven’t but when I saw this article last week about sedentary preschoolers, I had to say a few words. Like….what? I know there are problems with tweens and […]

Jan 132012
News: Lead Paint Problems Resurfacing

Came across this article in USA Today about lead paint problems resurfacing, this time from the government considering a change in the lead poisoning levels affecting children. Read the USA Today article then check the age of your house. Might need some attention to protect your kids. “Your home’s age important for child lead exposure” […]

Aug 192011
Drop-side Baby Crib Resale Ban {Opinion}

Drop-side baby cribs have been around for generations. Gladly handed down from one family member to the next or shared friend-to-friend. Often the most sought after item in yard sales, flea markets, and consignment shops, baby cribs were sure-sell items. But with the new government ban, drop-side cribs are to be eliminated from the market. […]