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Dec 312014
Top 25 Popular Posts on KidSpace Stuff {3}

Continuing the tradition begun after the 1st blog anniversary, it’s time again to list the most popular posts. It’s always an eye-opener, letting me know which topics you find the most interesting of those I have written. The numbers continue to amaze me. The #1 post this year moves up from #5 (new to the […]

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Dec 292014
Reviewing Our 2014 Favorites

As another year of writing about kidspaces comes to a close, I thought you might enjoy a recap of the favorite posts of the year. Looking at the titles, I am seeing a couple of themes here…, storage, and more storage seems to be the top topic of interest. Ideas for boys’ rooms are a […]

Dec 312013
Reviewing Our 2013 Favorites

It has been a fun year for me writing about kidspaces. There have been a few standouts in the crowd…..those that seemed to become favorites quicker than others. I was going to list top shares by month, but that wouldn’t be fair to December! So, instead, I have opted for the top 6 and a […]

Dec 302013
Top 25 Popular Posts on KidSpace Stuff {2}

As one year ends and another begins, it’s time to take a few minutes to look back and survey what parents are reading. In looking over the nearly 600 posts I have written, there are a few stellar ones with numbers that continue to amaze me (#1 has over 20K shares!). Six posts are new […]

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Aug 232013
News: The Design Philosophy Behind FLOR

My first introduction to carpet tile was through a kind manufacturer’s rep that helped me learn the ins-and-outs of carpet during my first year working as a designer. My first thought was, “How innovative. Why hasn’t this been done before?” FLOR was one of the products I wanted to use but clients were stuck on […]

Feb 262013
News: One Kings Lane Safavieh Event

Occasionally I post about “where to get stuff” for kids’ rooms. I am sure you have seen the banners for One Kings Lane site. Starting today, the Safavieh Event at One Kings Lane is launching. Who is Safavieh? They are a stylish home furnishing brand offering incredible deals on so many of their products right […]

Jan 142013
News: Building a Family Library Article Interview

KidSpace Interiors News Flash!! I love books and have a large family library…..but that’s not the news flash. It’s because of my book obsession (and kidspace design expertise) I was interviewed by Stephanie Vozza for her recent article “Building a Family Library” for the Costco Connection, a lifestyle magazine for Costco members. Here’s the beginning […]

Sep 242012
What Color Do You Want Your Chalkboard?

What color do you want your chalkboard to be? In the 1800’s you had one choice—a piece of black slate. Slate later evolved to painted black or green boards. Blue and brown colors were added, then not much happened in the world of chalkboards…..until now. Thanks to Benjamin Moore, you can have any of their […]

Jul 132012
News: Too Much TV Affect on Kids

There have been thousands of studies on how TV affects kids, exploring both the advantages and disadvantages of screen time. While TV does have educational value and entertainment benefits, too much is detrimental. Some parents think limiting TV time is the key, but the answer is much more than mere moderation. In my research for […]

Jun 222012
News: Kids' Room Redo vs. Summer Vacation {and POLL}

In July 2011 I found a news article about parents choosing to redecorate their kids’ rooms instead of spending money on pricey summer vacations.  Although the news article was a press release from a window treatment company, it had me wondering. With the world economy still in turmoil, what about this year?  Is last year’s […]