KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering interior design ideas of mudrooms for any home with kids, large and small.

Jun 062014
Awesome Kid-Friendly Coastal Mudrooms

Even in a beach house, you need a mudroom. Maybe it should be called a “sand trap room” or “towel dump room” instead (if you’ve been to the beach with kids, you know exactly what I mean), but it isn’t. Mudroom is a generic name for the casual entry for removing footwear and wet clothing. […]

Jun 032014
Kid Friendly Coastal Rooms Series

Cool blue. Alluring aqua. Washed-out white. Add sun, sand, and surf to that and what do you have? The beach. You know, that place families love to gather for relaxation each summer. Have a vacation beach house you go to each summer…..or better yet, live everyday near the beach? Then this series is for you. […]

Mar 102014
Create an Awesome, Kid-Friendly Vintage Mudroom

See the photo above? I love this mudroom. One of the top benefits of using vintage pieces in kidspaces is…..(drum roll please!), it’s already dinged, scratched, chipped, and worn looking. Perfect. Kids can kick, slam, and bang with no worries. For Kids. The rough whitewashed wood slat walls and floor with tiny tiles are almost […]

Jan 232012
You Need a Mudroom (Part 3)

Without a doubt, you know you need a mudroom! A separate room to deposit muddy shoes and wet coats is part of your dream home, but right now you barely have an entryway. Did you know, you don’t need an entire room to enjoy mudroom benefits? All you need is a little creativity and organization […]

Jan 162012
You Need a Mudroom! (Part 2)

If you have kids, you need a mudroom. A mudroom can vary in size from an entire room with separate storage for each family member to a partial wall near the door dedicated to storing outdoor gear. An adequate space will allow two people to remove shoes and coats at the same time and still […]

Jan 092012
You Need a Mudroom! (Part 1)

How do I know this? If you have children and you want to keep the outside from coming inside, you need a mudroom. The main family crossroad is generally separate from the front entrance and with small children, can be the dirtiest place in the house. Keeping track of stuff and containing muck to one […]