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Feb 242014
How Many Kids' Room Trends Can You Spot?

I originally selected this photo to highlight the trendy star patterned floor tile. Then I started looking more closely at the entire room and questioned… many kids’ room trends are in this one room? It’s almost like playing “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy”. Here’s what I found: Star patterned floor Vintage style furniture Old maps […]

Feb 172014
Reading Nook to Chase Away Wintertime Blues

With a nod to Dorothy S. Andersen……. “What do kids do in the wintertime, when it’s too cold to play outside? Do they curl up with a book, in a cozy little nook and read ‘til the night draws nigh? Is that what they do? So do I!”   Now, all your kids need is […]

Sep 162013
It's the Little Things {Relief Map}

Here’s another in my “It’s the Little Things” segment. They say the more senses used in learning, the more the mind retains. Ever run your hand over the ridges, peaks and valleys of a geographical relief map? I remember doing so while in elementary school and I still remember the subtle geography lesson impressed on […]

Sep 092013
It's the little Things {Nursery Cityscape and Bear Head}

Here’s another from my “It’s the Little Things” segment. When I first found this baby nursery photo, I was drawn to the cartoon version cityscape in soft blues and taupe. But as much as I really love the artwork on the wall, it’s the bear head that makes me smile. Barbie dolls were my favorite […]

Aug 192013
Dripping Lamp Coolest for Teen's Room

It’s the little things that catch your eye in a kids’ room. Bet this Oups Dripping Lamp would make you stop and look……..and be the coolest lamp ever for a teen room! Cool lighting has always caught my eye but this one put a big smile on my face. It adds color. It adds personality. […]

Jul 292013
It's the Little Things {Painted Mouse Door}

Since the beginning of my blog (2-years now!!), I have reserved Mondays for “Monday Musings” as part of my weekly plan. This is the day I covered thoughts on anything design, mostly kidstuff of course. Time to make a little change. I have decided to add a segment called, “It’s the Little Things” as part […]

May 132013
"Mini-Me" in Kids' Room Decor

Sometimes it’s not about the room or the colors used or the cute little accessories. Sometimes it’s just about the one that resides there…..about the little guy who loves hideaway places or the little shadow behind an older sibling or one who mimics everything you do. That’s the “mini-me” in kids’ room décor. As I […]

Jan 212013
Top 25 Popular Posts on KidSpace Stuff

The New Year begins and it’s time to reflect. Looking back at KidSpace Stuff blog posts, I have checked off a few goals reached and am grateful there are lots of tools available to help analyze progress. (I love anything that simplifies a task!) Let’s see…..almost reached the 400 posts mark; subscribers, page views, and […]

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Oct 152012
It's Fall.....Two Obvious Signals

Living in Florida, I had a few hardly noticeable signs that it was fall—pool water was too cold for swimming and orangish-red flowers that bloomed on one particular tree. After nine years I had almost forgotten about the change of seasons. It’s fall in Illinois…..and two obvious signals are everywhere. The changing of the leaves […]

Sep 242012
What Color Do You Want Your Chalkboard?

What color do you want your chalkboard to be? In the 1800’s you had one choice—a piece of black slate. Slate later evolved to painted black or green boards. Blue and brown colors were added, then not much happened in the world of chalkboards…..until now. Thanks to Benjamin Moore, you can have any of their […]