KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering design basics of interior design with ideas for lighting in kids rooms, for all ages, from newborn through teens.

Nov 132013
The Argyle How-to for Kids' Rooms

Can you name a pattern that gives you a totally different look and feel simply by changing the color combination? Shape stays the same, only the color changes. If you looked at the post title, you already have the answer……the argyle. Composed of diamonds in various colors with an overlay of diagonal lines, the argyle […]

Nov 072013
Use Accessories to Create Kids' Room Theme {Music}

Using accessories to create kids’ room themes works with all ages and especially in a teen room that needs an update when you want a minimal investment. If you have a musically talented teen, why not transfer that most-loved avocation into a teen room theme? It can be done much easier than you think and […]

Sep 232013
Using Maps in Unusual Places

    For decades, the only place to find a map was an atlas, a classroom wall, or in a “glove box” in a car. Not anymore! Maps are showing up in the most unusual places that are perfect for kids’ room décor. In the blog Series: Using Maps in Kids’ Rooms, I covered the […]

Nov 082012
Use Accessories to Create Kid's Room Theme {Garden}

“Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.” ~ Robert Brault ~   Nature, flowers, and gardens have a way of teaching us so many lessons as well as bringing so much cheer and happiness. Is it any wonder why so many rooms are designed around […]

May 292012
Properly Lighting Kids' Bathrooms

Ask any lighting designer and they will tell you selecting light fixtures based solely on how they look is a bad idea. Fixtures should be selected for their light output, distribution, and performance, not their looks.  Hmmm……kinda sounds like what your parents taught you about not judging a book by it’s cover also applies to […]

Dec 202011
Top Teen Desk Lamps

Direct and focused…..may not describe your teens study habits but should at least describe their desk lamp. A good task light for studying will have a flexible head and neck allowing teens to direct light onto their work. Bright colors or neutral, slim line or chunky, round or flat. You name it. Lamps come in […]

Dec 092011
Ideal Lighting in Baby's Nursery

“The only thing constant in life is change.” Did you ever notice how this quote applies to a baby’s nursery? The nursery is a microcosm of life and activity there changes frequently (sometimes every hour) requiring a variety of furnishings and accessories. Different activities need different light levels and the ideal baby nursery will include […]

Dec 082011
How to Light Kids' Reading Areas

  The best kids’ reading areas have three main components—comfortable seating, sufficient book storage, and adequate light. Of the three components, adequate light is most essential. Kids can read anywhere with just one book but without good lighting, reading stalls. Overhead light fixtures are great for general room illumination but not for reading thus task […]

Dec 062011
Properly Lighting a Kid's Room - Part 2

Properly lighting a kid’s room takes three types of light—ambient, task, and accent. In part 1 we covered ambient light. In part 2, we’ll cover task and accent light…..and why it is an important part of room décor. Light Up a Task Activities of a concentrated nature require higher levels of illumination than can be […]