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Jul 212014
Celebrating Our Blog Anniversary.....3 Years Today!

Hip, Hip, Hooray! 3-years today!   Recently, I was asked if I still had ideas to write about after three years of writing my blog. Answer….“Oh, yes. I sure do! Kidspaces are the best.” Hope you are enjoying reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Thanks for reading and following. Thanks for […]

Jan 142013
News: Building a Family Library Article Interview

KidSpace Interiors News Flash!! I love books and have a large family library…..but that’s not the news flash. It’s because of my book obsession (and kidspace design expertise) I was interviewed by Stephanie Vozza for her recent article “Building a Family Library” for the Costco Connection, a lifestyle magazine for Costco members. Here’s the beginning […]

Oct 292012
Pumpkin Walk 2012: Photo Booth Set and Cabin Decor

One of the big events every fall here in Nauvoo is the Pumpkin Walk, also known as Boo-tiful Nauvoo. It was our first year to experience the fun filled festival held  over the weekend and it was amazing!! There were 300 carved pumpkins lining the main street, games, music, food vendors, and a parade…..plenty for […]

Aug 172012
News: We've Opened Our KidSpace Interiors eStore!

  KidSpace Interiors eStore Now Open!   Interior designers love to shop and are always picking up items for projects. Because of that, we always have some inventory in storage. Of course, I love to shop for “kidstuff” (actually prefer that over shopping for myself!) so my inventory is for kids’ rooms. Now it’s all […]

Aug 132012
KidSpace Welcomes You to Historic Nauvoo

“Joyful Moment” in the Monument to Women Garden   KidSpace Interiors welcomes you to our new hometown…..Historic Nauvoo, Illinois. Our journey from Florida to Illinois was uneventful except for one bridge in St. Louis that had us white knuckled and losing a key when we needed to unpack. Now here, we are unpacking and trying […]

Aug 102012
We're Moving: Day 5

We’re Moving. Day 5 of making a change starts with enjoying your new place. We are super excited about our new location…..beautiful, peaceful, historic, and full of fun events. Looking forward to adding new friends to our group of loved ones. There will be plenty of photos to come as we document our time spent […]

Aug 092012
We're Moving: Day 4

We’re Moving. Day 4 of making a change starts with unpacking the stuff you just packed. Unloading and unpacking is exciting…..and dreadful all at the same time. How dreadful is determined by how organized you were on Day 2 but excitement in a new place will reign supreme. Another chance to make new friends comes […]

Aug 082012
We're Moving: Day 3

We’re Moving. Day 3 of making a change starts with getting behind the wheel and heading down the road. When everything is packed there is nothing left to do but drive…..and drive, and drive to where we are going. Counting miles, seeing unique architecture, and playing travel games with license plates we see helps pass […]

Aug 072012
We're Moving: Day 2

  We’re Moving. Day 2 of making a change begins with packing up your stuff. This is the hard part…..finding the right boxes, sifting through stuff and deciding what to keep, and packing so you can find your stuff later. Best done without being hurried. I’m always grateful for family and friends who lend support […]

Aug 062012
We're Moving: Day 1

We’re Moving. Day 1 of making a change starts with looking back at where you have been. We have very fond memories of living in Florida and will definitely miss…..the beach, warm winters, bright blue skies, flowers year-round, and palm trees. Thank goodness we have a professional photographer in the family so we have LOTS […]