Kids Bathrooms

KidSpace Stuff blog posts on interior design ideas for bathrooms used by kids, tweens, and teens.

Jun 092014
Awesome Seashell Shower Spout

Sometimes you find something that has everything going for it. This seashell shower spout is one of those things. Everything like: Outdoor shower? Check. Coastal design? Check. Near the beach? Check. Tropical paradise? Check. Add to this list a-most-awesome-way-to-use-a-seashell and you have this sweet little gem…..and a place your kids will want to shower. Often. […]

Jun 052014
Kid-Friendly Coastal Bathroom

Bathrooms are generally designed for adults but with a few changes (see Creating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom), can easily be modified for kid use. A coastal theme is one of the ways to modify for kids…..changing stale to stimulating and fun. What’s so wonderful about coastal design? It’s playful. It’s relaxing. It’s a vacation reminder. Just […]

Jun 032014
Kid Friendly Coastal Rooms Series

Cool blue. Alluring aqua. Washed-out white. Add sun, sand, and surf to that and what do you have? The beach. You know, that place families love to gather for relaxation each summer. Have a vacation beach house you go to each summer…..or better yet, live everyday near the beach? Then this series is for you. […]

Apr 152013
3 Reasons Parents want LED Showerheads

Have you seen the LED showerheads? I think it is really ingenious design but there are 3 reasons parents want them for the kids’ bathroom….and it’s more than just getting them to bathe! 1) Protection from Scalding: You don’t have to wait for kids to scream “it’s cold” or cry when it’s hot—a temperature sensor […]

Apr 092013
Cool Showers for Kids' Bathrooms

“Bathtime is successful when your kids get wetter than you do.” Dee Ann Stewart   True statement. Sometimes just getting them IN the water is progress. Do your kids avoid bathtime? Do they scream when their head gets wet? Or, are your kids the ones who splash water all over the floor and stay in […]

Apr 032013
Kids' Bathrooms: Old Walls, New Fixtures and Accessories

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “What’s old is new again”. It really applies to modernizing kids’ bathrooms in old homes with new fixtures and accessories. Thanks to manufacturers, you can update an old bathroom with new fixtures that look old….meaning old style design. From pedestal sinks to old-time fixtures to vintage lighting, old […]

Apr 012013
Series: Modernized Old Buildings + Kids' Rooms

The majority of the world lives in “old buildings” meaning housing at least 50 years old. Some have outstanding architectural elements. Some just create challenges for day-to-day living…..especially in houses full of kids. It is possible to preserve historic accuracy in houses with a long history but still create modern living quarters. The Series: Modernized […]

Mar 182013
Awesome Re-use of Old Glass in Kids' Bathrooms

Have you seen the awesome way old glass can be re-used in kids’ bathrooms? Thanks to recycling efforts, used glass bottles can be made into beautiful countertops for bathrooms (and kitchens too…..but that’s beyond our topic here.) Why use it? All the benefits you would ever want to keep a kids’ bathroom counter looking great….and […]

Feb 192013
Making Small Rooms Feel Big

Kids’ rooms are usually quite small, full of stuff, and often house more than one sibling. Need a bigger space but no room to expand? When you can’t enlarge a room, there are several subtle but helpful design tricks to help you make small rooms feel big. Pattern and Texture Pattern can help visually alter […]

Oct 222012
More Amusing Kids' Bathroom Accessories

Kids’ bathrooms can be more than a purely utilitarian space for daily hygiene. Sure it’s often one of the smallest rooms but wouldn’t it be nice to have something to give your kids a quick smile each time they enter the room? In the Kids’ Bathroom Design Series, I shared a few off-the-wall amusing accessories. […]