Kid-friendly design

KidSpace Stuff blog posts on what makes a kid’s room, playroom, or any other room used by kids kid-friendly. Topics include everything from furniture to lighting to accessories to finishes.

Jul 242014
Cozy Summer Cabin Bunk Rooms

Summer. Who doesn’t love summer and all it offers? Time for travel and vacation. Time for family reunions and get-togethers with friends…..and what better place for the kids to sleep during your trips than a cozy summer cabin bunk room. (Above) Sliding barn doors make the bunkroom entrance accessible as well as enticing. Easy for […]

Jun 062014
Awesome Kid-Friendly Coastal Mudrooms

Even in a beach house, you need a mudroom. Maybe it should be called a “sand trap room” or “towel dump room” instead (if you’ve been to the beach with kids, you know exactly what I mean), but it isn’t. Mudroom is a generic name for the casual entry for removing footwear and wet clothing. […]

Jun 052014
Kid-Friendly Coastal Bathroom

Bathrooms are generally designed for adults but with a few changes (see Creating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom), can easily be modified for kid use. A coastal theme is one of the ways to modify for kids…..changing stale to stimulating and fun. What’s so wonderful about coastal design? It’s playful. It’s relaxing. It’s a vacation reminder. Just […]

Jun 032014
Kid Friendly Coastal Rooms Series

Cool blue. Alluring aqua. Washed-out white. Add sun, sand, and surf to that and what do you have? The beach. You know, that place families love to gather for relaxation each summer. Have a vacation beach house you go to each summer…..or better yet, live everyday near the beach? Then this series is for you. […]

Nov 252013
It's the Little Things {Living Room Toy Storage}

Another really cute idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. Getting close to the holidays and guests will be arriving; some for a few hours, some for a few days. Grown-ups like to sit and talk about stuff….the good old days, times spent together, and loved ones near and far. Kids get bored quickly […]

Mar 192013
Storing Costumes for Kids' Pretend Play

Dressing up and pretending to be someone else is often a big part of a preschooler’s day. From frilly frocks to firemen fit out, getting gussied up is super fun for kids! Storing all those costumes for kids’ pretend play is the fun part for parents, especially when you have some really creative ways to […]

Feb 252013
Furniture Classics Reduced to Kid-Size

Some call it a special charm. Some call it cute. I call furniture classics reduced to kid size awesome and perfect way to teach kids good design while ensuring comfort. Kids manage to adapt to adult size seating but who likes to sit with feet dangling above the floor! Just watch your kids’ faces after […]

Nov 132012
Kid Friendly Holiday Homes

The holidays are approaching quickly. Are family or friends with kids planning to visit? Are you ready? Here’s one more thing to think about and add to your already lengthy “to-do” list. Just how kid friendly is your home for the holidays? Making sure your home is kid friendly for the holidays goes a few […]

Oct 082012
Worry Free, Kid Friendly Holiday Decorations: Halloween

It’s the little touches that matter…..and Halloween decorations don’t have to be elaborate to be effective. Actually kid friendly holiday decorations are more worry free when they are the simplest. I found a few fabulously uncomplicated Halloween décor ideas to share with you from some very talented people. Each of these ideas are quick to […]

Sep 172012
Choosing Kid Friendly Fabrics

Say What? That’s my initial reaction (or to laugh) sometimes as I research topics for blog posts, more so while researching how to choose kid friendly fabric than most other topics. Comments like “don’t forget comfort,” “just make sure they’re pre-treated for stain resistance”, and “cotton, twill, felt, and wool are easy to keep clean” […]