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Jul 162014
How to Add a Pop of Red to Kids' Room Color Schemes

  Have you heard the term a “pop of color”? Often bantered around designer circles it means bold, bright colors used in small doses to catch the eye. Cherry or fire engine red is one of those pops found in kids’ room color schemes. The vibrant red is energetic and intense and an all-time kid […]

Aug 232013
News: The Design Philosophy Behind FLOR

My first introduction to carpet tile was through a kind manufacturer’s rep that helped me learn the ins-and-outs of carpet during my first year working as a designer. My first thought was, “How innovative. Why hasn’t this been done before?” FLOR was one of the products I wanted to use but clients were stuck on […]

May 132013
"Mini-Me" in Kids' Room Decor

Sometimes it’s not about the room or the colors used or the cute little accessories. Sometimes it’s just about the one that resides there…..about the little guy who loves hideaway places or the little shadow behind an older sibling or one who mimics everything you do. That’s the “mini-me” in kids’ room décor. As I […]

Apr 082013
Value of Interior Designers {Opinion}

There has been an ongoing debate for several years about interior designers, especially the differences between a designer and a decorator and value of services they provide. In a previous post I linked to an article titled 10 Reasons Interior Designers Matter. I had planned to add my top 10 reasons why you should hire […]

Feb 112013
Miniature Furniture Classics Produced to Scale Gives True-to-Life Details

Something about big stuff being reduced to pint-size that many of us find intriguing. Remember “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, “The Borrowers”, “Stuart Little”, and “Gulliver’s Travels”? We are enchanted with miniatures. I have always been fascinated by scaled miniatures—from train sets to hot wheels to doll houses to Barbie clothes. Now as an interior […]

Aug 032012
Letting Teens Redecorate Their Bedrooms {Opinion}

Kids grow up so fast. Turn around and before you know it, babies have become teens seeking autonomy, expressing individuality, and making decisions without parental help. Of course raising kids to become independent and productive members of society is your goal….but letting teens make big decisions can be scary. How do you find out if […]

Jun 222012
News: Kids' Room Redo vs. Summer Vacation {and POLL}

In July 2011 I found a news article about parents choosing to redecorate their kids’ rooms instead of spending money on pricey summer vacations.  Although the news article was a press release from a window treatment company, it had me wondering. With the world economy still in turmoil, what about this year?  Is last year’s […]

Feb 172012
News: 10 Reasons Why Interior Designers Matter

Of course, I am a little prejudice. When I was in middle school, I thought designers were important, enough so that I decided to make it my professional career. When I found this article titled “10 Reasons Interior Designers Matter”, it made me wonder…..what does the public (and my readers) think about the interior design […]