Girls Rooms

KidSpace Stuff blog posts on girls’ room interior design ideas, from newborn through teen.

Aug 142014
Sweet Girls' Room Sheer Bed Canopy Ideas

  Love romantic bed canopies in your girls’ rooms? I do too. That’s why I covered sheer bed canopy ideas for tots to teens (here) and bed crown canopy ideas (here). Found a few more really sweet ideas for girls’ rooms using unique mounting methods—branches, dowels, metal hardware—and ornamental fabrics—embroidered, appliqued, and lace. Take a […]

Aug 132014
Girl's Bedroom Study Desk Ideas

School’s back in session and homework is just around the corner…..which means you might just need a few ideas for home study centers. So, the next three weeks, I will be posting back-to-school kids’ rooms and home school room design tips. But first, check out an earlier series posted about Creating Kids’ Home Study Centers […]

Jul 172014
From Tot to Teen......Girl's Room Sheer Bed Canopy

  What do you get with a hook, a hoop, and a whole lot of sheer fabric in girls’ rooms? A dreamy bed canopy reminiscent of bygone days. In the 1800’s, yards of fabric cascading down around the bed were used for protection from flying pests when windows were left open to provide airflow. The […]

Mar 142014
Kids' Rooms: Creative Ways to Mix Old and New

Here’s a “how-to” you may not have considered—creative ways to mix old and new in your kids’ rooms. You may already be doing this but just don’t realize it. All it takes is one or two carefully selected pieces in one style added to a room designed around the other style to make it work. […]

Feb 102014
Shabby Chic Girls' Room Heart Shaped Cutouts

  Here’s a little somethin’ to set her heart a thumpin’ …..girls’ rooms in shabby chic style with heart shaped cutouts.   Shabby chic. It’s the essence of elegance in a casual setting…..with just a touch of romance. Hearts cut through doors, drawers, headboards, foot boards, and chests are the perfect addition to the soft […]

Dec 112013
Dollhouses are Perfect Girls' Room Accessories

My love of dollhouses began early and is really part of the I-love-miniature-stuff mentioned in previous posts (here and here). So what makes them the perfect girls’ room accessory? They come in all sizes, styles, and designs. They look wonderful just sitting there. But mostly, they are accessories that inspire imaginative playtime, creating childhood memories […]

Nov 142013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials {Checks}

This post is about the 3rd of 5 basic pattern shapes in the Kids’ Room Pattern Essentials Series—crossed horizontal and vertical lines that form squares, more commonly know as checks. Most people think gingham when they think of checked patterns. Gingham is a plain, woven fabric with white and one other color, like shown in […]

Sep 182013
Super Kids' Storybook Bedrooms

Princesses, knights in shining armor, castles, and enchanted kingdoms in far away lands……those are the stories of childhood that fill days with magical moments. Does your child have a favorite fairytale? Mine was always Cinderella with Rapunzel coming in a close second. Both were stories I read time and time again. Kids’ room designs inspired […]

Jun 202013
Blue is for Girls' Rooms Too

Blue. While generally associated with boys when it comes to bedroom color schemes, I just want to point out… is for girls’ rooms too! Soft baby blues, greyed blues, and indigo of denim blue jeans are popular for girls’ rooms, especially when paired with white. Besides being calming, cooling, and serene, blue represents intelligence, confidence, […]

May 152013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Cotton Candy Pink}

Soft cotton candy pink rooms….brings back lots of memories from childhood. Everything in my room was pink (except the ceiling) and my mom loved it! When we think of kids’ room color schemes, pink is for babies and little girls. Why? Here is what we know about pink: Considered tender, delicate, and soothing Implies innocence—being […]