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Apr 302014
Using a Patterned Rug to Establish Teen Room Design

Area rugs are excellent additions to teen rooms for many reasons—such as changing room personality, adding a sound buffer, or dividing territory in shared spaces, but my favorite use is establishing room design, style, or theme. Check out the images below to see how different rug patterns reinforce different design messages.   ———- ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ———- […]

Oct 292013
Indoor Games on Playroom Floors

If Dorothy S. Andersen had written wintertime verses to her children’s song, she might have said something like this……. What do kids do in the wintertime When it’s too cold to play outside? Do they sit on the floor and try hard to score, Playing games with their friends near by? Is that what they […]

Sep 242013
Cars + Winding Road = Happy Boys

Ever notice how little boys have the innate ability to make engine noises while pushing toy cars along a winding road? Ever notice how happy boys are when making those noises? Miniature cars are one of the best kid toys ever invented. They bring out the imagination in boys like no other and can be […]

Aug 232013
News: The Design Philosophy Behind FLOR

My first introduction to carpet tile was through a kind manufacturer’s rep that helped me learn the ins-and-outs of carpet during my first year working as a designer. My first thought was, “How innovative. Why hasn’t this been done before?” FLOR was one of the products I wanted to use but clients were stuck on […]

Aug 312012
Use Room Decor to Teach Math

Several months ago I found a website called Math Is Fun, full of online games, puzzles, and activities to help kids learn math. The site is for all ages and includes numbers, measurements, money, and even algebra and geometry. The games really are fun. Just see how hooked you (….oops, I mean your kids) get […]

Jul 242012
More Recycling Ideas for Kids' Blue Jeans {Area Rugs}

If you love the softness of timeworn denim, you will love these recycling ideas for your kids’ blue jeans. Braided or stitched, frayed or flat, blue jeans made into throw rugs are as soft underfoot as they are on your legs. Rug size will be determined by design and construction method…..plus how big your kids […]

Apr 072012
Family Room Noise Control

Parents have pretty sharp ears that pick up noise (or lack of) letting them know what kids are up to but they do expect noise in the family room. Games + kids + activity = NOISE. It’s the noise level that can get irritating. So how can parents reduce the noise level without spoiling the […]

Mar 082012
Eco-Friendly Kids' Room Finishes

“Finish — to complete the manufacture or decoration of a material, object or place by giving it an attractive surface appearance.” Add “not harmful to the environment” and you have just made the finish Eco-friendly. If it’s safe for the environment, it’s safe for kids….and protecting the little guys are what adults are supposed to […]

Mar 022012
Series: Green, Organic Kids' Rooms

Looking for healthier alternatives for everything from food to clothing to housing is no longer a fad…..it has become mainstream. Parents want healthy kids and healthy homes are an important part of the equation. From the air you breathe to places you live, work, and play, the market is stepping up to provide products that […]