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Aug 232013
News: The Design Philosophy Behind FLOR

My first introduction to carpet tile was through a kind manufacturer’s rep that helped me learn the ins-and-outs of carpet during my first year working as a designer. My first thought was, “How innovative. Why hasn’t this been done before?” FLOR was one of the products I wanted to use but clients were stuck on […]

Aug 022013
A Busy Week Smile......

  Busy, busy, busy week. No time to write…..however, I can leave you with Dolly’s rain reporting method. Love Bil Keane’s way of capturing childhood simplicity.      

Jul 132012
News: Too Much TV Affect on Kids

There have been thousands of studies on how TV affects kids, exploring both the advantages and disadvantages of screen time. While TV does have educational value and entertainment benefits, too much is detrimental. Some parents think limiting TV time is the key, but the answer is much more than mere moderation. In my research for […]

Feb 242012
Follow Google's Design Lead to Boost Kids' Creativity

Google. Often found attached to ‘earth’, ‘reader’, and ‘it’. Even your kids know how to use ‘it’ to find stuff they need to know. Google Offices. Have you seen photos of the Google headquarters in Zurich? Their office is designed to be “comfortably inspiring” to boost effectiveness of employees. Ok, but what does this have […]

Jan 132012
News: Lead Paint Problems Resurfacing

Came across this article in USA Today about lead paint problems resurfacing, this time from the government considering a change in the lead poisoning levels affecting children. Read the USA Today article then check the age of your house. Might need some attention to protect your kids. “Your home’s age important for child lead exposure” […]

Nov 112011
Military Shadowbox Honors Veteran

What better way to teach our kids to honor our veterans’ for preserving our liberty and freedom than to remember their service rendered and continue their legacy…… While researching recently for the Heirloom Accessories Series, I came across a post on Two Peas in a Bucket website. The “remembering” theme of the post was part […]

Oct 272011
Kid-Friendly AND Beautiful Living Room

Can you have a beautiful home if you have kids? Does your living room have to look like a playroom with kidstuff everywhere? Yes you can and no it does not! There are many ways to have kid-friendly rooms that don’t look like playrooms. Check out this blog post, “Where Are All the Toys” on […]

Oct 212011
Even Barbie Likes Classic Furniture

The “Dream Home” of Barbie’s early days was made of cardboard. It was pretty modern in 1962. She has come a long way in the last 50 years. Freshome posted this a few days ago. Take a look at the modern, eco-friendly Barbie home, complete with Panton Chair (1967) and Arc Floor Lamp (both modern […]