Family room

KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering family room design and making it kid-friendly.

May 212013
Retro Family Game Room

Themed design is often found in kids’ rooms….but what about the family room designed for games and entertainment? Family rooms are often the star of the house and a place where memories are made, family is gathered for holidays or just a little downtime. Why not take the memories back in time with a retro […]

May 202013
Goodies for Family Game Rooms

Sitting on the sideline can be almost as much fun as playing the game, especially indoors in a family game room full of goodies. What do I mean by goodies for family game rooms? For kids it means a place to eat, readily accessible food, and lots of it. It means awesome games and a […]

Feb 282013
Softer Side of Teen and Family Room Furniture

Today’s kids’ room furniture essentials post is about the softer side of teen and family room furniture or in other words…..fabric covered foam. You’ve seen it. You’ve lounged on it. Your kids love it! You see the outside but do you know what’s inside? Fabric covered foam furniture (say that fast 5 times!) can be […]

Apr 242012
Top Family Room Storage Ideas

Family Room Design Essentials post covered, well….the essentials, including a quick paragraph on furniture used for storage. Another post in the Family Room Design Series covered appropriate storage for kids’ media. This post….a few more storage ideas for family rooms that top them all! Line the walls with open cube storage created from built-ins or […]

Apr 132012
The Most Unique Family Art Wall

When is it okay to let your kids draw on and create a family art wall? Yes, “when the wall is painted with chalkboard paint” is one answer….so is “when it’s a wall finished to be a whiteboard surface”.  What if you want the drawings to be permanent? I have the perfect solution! Try covering […]

Apr 072012
Family Room Noise Control

Parents have pretty sharp ears that pick up noise (or lack of) letting them know what kids are up to but they do expect noise in the family room. Games + kids + activity = NOISE. It’s the noise level that can get irritating. So how can parents reduce the noise level without spoiling the […]

Apr 062012
Family Room: Kids' Media Central

Which does your family room most resemble—mission control with blinking lights everywhere or a war-zone with cords, components, and controllers strewn across the floor? Or is it a combination of both? Hmm….common problem. Family rooms have become kids’ media central so I’m guessing you answered “both”. Televisions, computers, sound systems, video game systems, and even […]

Apr 052012
Family Room Design: Tweens to Teens

Do you have tweens and teens at home? If so, you know the three keys to a happy teen….food, fun, and sleep, and they like lots of all three! Social activity is an important part of tweens and teens development and as they grow, they gravitate toward more time with friends instead of family. Want […]

Apr 042012
Family Room Design: Tots to Kids

Family room design with toddlers, preschoolers, and younger kids requires a different approach than it does with older kids. Physical abilities as well as attention span become greater factors. While family togetherness may be your goal, just being in the same room may be all you can achieve. Use the 5 keys listed in Family […]

Apr 032012
Family Room Design Essentials

First…this is not the living room….no formal seating, no boring adult design. The family room is one place the whole family can comfortably gather. Pull up a chair….or a pillow, flop down on the sofa or stretch out on the floor. Anyone who walks in the family room should feel an open invitation to relax […]