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Aug 142014
Sweet Girls' Room Sheer Bed Canopy Ideas

  Love romantic bed canopies in your girls’ rooms? I do too. That’s why I covered sheer bed canopy ideas for tots to teens (here) and bed crown canopy ideas (here). Found a few more really sweet ideas for girls’ rooms using unique mounting methods—branches, dowels, metal hardware—and ornamental fabrics—embroidered, appliqued, and lace. Take a […]

Jul 172014
From Tot to Teen......Girl's Room Sheer Bed Canopy

  What do you get with a hook, a hoop, and a whole lot of sheer fabric in girls’ rooms? A dreamy bed canopy reminiscent of bygone days. In the 1800’s, yards of fabric cascading down around the bed were used for protection from flying pests when windows were left open to provide airflow. The […]

Sep 252013
Tween Room Polka Dots....Small, Medium, and Large

Is your just-turned-tween daughter objecting to her room design? It’s probably not the color. It’s probably the childish theme they have outgrown. When it’s time for a change, pattern can play an important role…….and polka dots are perfect for a tween room. Why? They’re classic. Evenly spaced dots have been around for ages. They’re informal. […]

Sep 192013
Rules: How to Mix Kids' Room Patterns

You have seen the beautiful photos of rooms with multiple patterns placed throughout but does the thought of mixing pattern in kids’ rooms intimidate you? Well, take heart. Mixing patterns is much easier than you think…..if you know the rules. Here are 7 basic rules to follow that will show you how to mix kids’ […]

Aug 152013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials

Pattern. A repeated decorative design; the arrangement of forms or designs to create an orderly whole. Pattern. It has visible presence. You see it everywhere. It can be printed, woven, or created. You see it on upholstery, bedding, flooring, wall coverings, and window treatments. It really is found everywhere. Pattern. It is a wonderful design […]

Mar 202013
Upholstered Bed Adds Sweet Drama to Kid's Rooms

Today’s post is simple and to the point…..upholstered beds add sweet drama to a kid’s room. From nail head studded manly look to feminine patterns with a soft touch, upholstery adds such a nice touch to a room. Take a look and see what I mean. No matter what surrounds the bed, the upholstered frame […]

Feb 272013
Lovely Girls' Room Bed Crown Canopy

What is the most frequent request by little girls when designing their dream bedroom? A canopy bed. Not all rooms are large enough for a full canopy, so when the room is too small, a lovely bed crown canopy is the solution. Crown canopies can be made several ways: Entirely from wood—painted, jeweled, or otherwise […]

Nov 292012
Kids' Room Ceiling Fabric Ideas

Want to add an impressive twist to a kids’ room ceiling? Try applying fabric to the ceiling instead of paint, wood, or paper. Any one of three basic types of fabric applications for ceilings—flat, shirred, or draped—will add “wow” to a room. Flat Fabric can be applied directly to the ceiling, just like wallpaper, using […]

Nov 202012
More Recycling Ideas for Kids' Blue Jeans {Seats}

One more way to recycle your kids’ blue jeans—this time for sitting ON jeans while at the same time wearing jeans.  Hmmm….for denim lovers, that sounds like double comfort! Blue jean seats can be anything from upholstered wing back chairs to slipcovered dining chairs to wood or metal frame side chairs. It can also be […]

Sep 182012
More Recycling Ideas for Kids' Blue Jeans {Quilts}

There was a point in time when kids’ came home with holes in their blue jeans that I would roll my eyes in despair……but that was before I had the bright idea to recycle holey jeans into quilts. My first quilt was definitely not my best. I cut squares, serged the edges, and stitched together […]