KidSpace Stuff blog posts on what makes a kid’s room, playroom, or any other room used by kids eco-friendly. Topics include everything from furniture to lighting to accessories to finishes.

Aug 252014
Make Geography and History Fun with USA Block Puzzle

Have you ever heard of “Game of the States? It was a popular Milton Bradley game in years past, now a vintage treasure. The point of the game was delivering goods from coast to coast, selling for a profit. Winner had highest profits. From this game, kids (ages 8 to 15) learned not only where […]

Apr 292013
Eco-Friendly Kids' Bedroom Ideas

I recently read an article on ideas to make your kid’s bedroom eco-friendly and was amazed at how the term eco-friendly is so misunderstood. It is often used interchangeably with “green”, sustainable, and organic. Eco-friendly actually means not harmful to the environment….reduced, minimal or no harm at all to ecosystems. It is a combination of […]

Mar 212013
Eco-Friendly Natural Kids' Room Furniture

The primary materials used for kids’ room furniture is wood, metal, and plastic, alone or in combination. There is however, one other less common group of materials used. I call them the naturals—eco-friendly rattan and bamboo. Rattan is often used interchangeably with wicker, as is bamboo with cane, but there are definite differences. Knowing the […]

Mar 062013
Ideas to Reuse Shutters in Kids' Rooms

Reusing shutters in kids’ rooms is much like using reclaimed doors covered in the previous post of this series. The biggest difference is size. Doors are generally large but shutter sizes are as varied as window sizes…..small to wall size. Need a few ideas on how to reuse old shutters in kids’ rooms? Take a […]

Apr 172012
More Recycling Ideas for Kids' Blue Jeans {Pillows}

I promised in Recycling Ideas for Kids’ Blue Jeans to share more cool ideas I found for using old jeans in kids’ rooms. This time it’s pillows in multi-shade denim using buttons, fringed edges, and more. If you have a pet, your kids will love the last idea! Just how creative can you get with […]

Mar 162012
Thoughts on Green Design {Opinion}

As an interior designer, the green and sustainable movement has always perplexed me. I thought architects, contractors, designers, and others were already supposed to be thinking about making buildings “green”? I was taught to space plan floor layouts carefully….to place plumbing in different rooms back-to-back or as close together as possible to use less materials, […]

Mar 132012
Need an Eco-Friendly Kids' Room Stool? Try a Stump!

Understated but making a statement. This stool design idea typifies “less is more” is so many ways. Eco-friendly and perfect for kids’ rooms, why not try a stump when you need extra seating? Found these on 79 Ideas, one of my favorite blogs to read. Their obsession has created a ripple effect….I would love to […]

Mar 082012
Eco-Friendly Kids' Room Finishes

“Finish — to complete the manufacture or decoration of a material, object or place by giving it an attractive surface appearance.” Add “not harmful to the environment” and you have just made the finish Eco-friendly. If it’s safe for the environment, it’s safe for kids….and protecting the little guys are what adults are supposed to […]

Mar 072012
"Green" Kids' Room Furniture

via Argington Babies and kids are the most vulnerable for adverse reactions to toxins in the environment….including toxins emitted from furniture in their rooms. Why? They take in more air in proportion to their body weight, potentially harming developing nervous and immune systems. Learning this, parents have begun requesting green kids’ room furniture.Toxin free, eco-friendly […]

Mar 062012
Eco-Friendly Kids' Room Fabrics

The strong smell and burning eyes should have been a clue each time I entered the fabric store, but what did a 10-year old kid know about dyes and VOC’s? Nothing in the 70’s pointed to indoor air quality problems and effects on people. Times have changed. Parents are now learning the importance of Eco-friendly […]