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KidSpace Stuff blog posts discussing nursery design and specifically baby cribs.

Mar 202013
Upholstered Bed Adds Sweet Drama to Kid's Rooms

Today’s post is simple and to the point…..upholstered beds add sweet drama to a kid’s room. From nail head studded manly look to feminine patterns with a soft touch, upholstery adds such a nice touch to a room. Take a look and see what I mean. No matter what surrounds the bed, the upholstered frame […]

Aug 142012
Suspended Baby Cradles Popularity

 Rock-a-bye baby…. Add a steady, continuous rocking motion to a soft, swaying movement and what do you have? The ever popular suspended baby cradle. We already know from studies that the rocking motion releases endorphins aiding in fetal nervous system development but with a suspended cradle, baby gets the rocking motion of a cradle plus […]

Jun 262012
Unique Modern Baby Cradles

“Form follows function” is a well-known phrase attributed to architect Louis Sullivan but Frank Lloyd Wright took the phrase one step further and said, “Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” That is just what the design of these unique modern baby cradles has accomplished. […]

Feb 072012
Baby Nursery Decor: Bedding

Selecting crib bedding that you fall in love with and will make you smile each time you enter the baby’s nursery can be difficult. So many delightful choices….just one little bed. How do you choose just one to create the fabulous baby nursery of your dreams? First, relax and realize crib bedding only consists of […]

Feb 062012
Baby Nursery Decor: Contemporary Cribs

The first topic of our Baby Nursery Décor Ideas Series is the crib. Not just any crib….the contemporary crib and how to blend modern with any style room. Clean contemporary styling is currently one of the most popular looks for the nursery, but without the extreme minimalism of earlier ‘modern’ design. What Makes a Crib […]

Feb 032012
Baby Nursery Decor Ideas Series

Babies…..those huggable little bundles of joy bring on the nesting instinct and wanting to provide a wonderful room for the new arrival is a natural response. Plus, preparing a baby nursery is far more fun than decorating the rest of your home, and less stressful—babies don’t have an opinion about their room décor! The perfect […]

Oct 122011
Safety Around Where Baby Sleeps

Getting a crib that meets current safety standards is only the beginning of safety in the nursery. The area around where baby sleeps must also be secured from possible hazards, inside and outside the crib. Parents should frequently look around the nursery as the little one begins to grow because decorations once deemed harmless can […]

Oct 032011
Safety Features of Baby Cribs

For first-time parents, shopping for a baby crib is an exciting adventure. Crib styles vary from ultra modern to vintage to everything in between. While complementing your nursery’s décor is often the first thought, safety should be in the forefront of your mind when looking for a baby crib. For baby’s safety, there are specific […]

Sep 302011
Kids' Rooms Safety Series

Believe it or not, safety in kids’ rooms has been a pretty hot trend the last few years. It has always been a priority for parents but it has become a key issue for manufacturers. Parents are looking for the safest products available (including furniture, lighting, bedding, and accessories) and companies are meeting the challenge. […]

Sep 282011
Baby Nursery: Elegant Vintage Ideas

Heirloom display of baby keepsakes is a gentle reminder of infancy. A vintage nursery is a gentle reminder of simple days of the past. Combine the baby keepsakes and a vintage nursery with elegance and you have a room that make adults ‘sigh’ over more than just the baby sleeping in the crib! Whether you […]